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There's one little problem with a carrier such as AT&T metering all bandwidth: The iPhone and now the iPad were created to be consumption devices tied to the iTunes store, where users pay for content. As such it only makes sense that their access should be unlimited. I mean, say Apple's best customers are purchasing over 5GB/month of movies/TV shows/publications, what happens when the carrier says sorry but you're cut off, or you'll have to pay more, etc.? That would...
According to their website, they had a booth there, demonstrating their Surge solar charging cases for the iPhone and iPod touch. I'd like to see something like that for the iPad.
I bet a lot of folk don't realize that they can manually turn down the brightness of the LCD display, independently of the ambient light sensor. Once she discovered that, my niece became absolutely addicted to reading on her new iPhone. (Project Guttenburg on Stanza was another big draw for her.) I keep the monitor of my Mac on the lowest setting, I can work on it all day without eye strain, as long as I remember to keep text enlarged. Yet it is painful for me to...
I'm still betting that the iPad will be a smash hit though. Plan on buying one myself, and I haven't bought a new Apple product in like twelve years.
Well, either they are consulting their magic eight ball or a Ouija board.
From an op-ed in today's NYTimes by former MSFT VP Dick Brass, "Microsoft's Creative Destruction": "...despite the certainty that an Apple tablet was coming this year, the tablet group at Microsoft was eliminated." The whole piece is a rather scathing indictment of MicroSoft's failure to innovate during the past decade, due to cut throat internal competition.
What I think you meant to say is that you are not buying it for the paper, because you certainly are paying for it. And the majority of consumers do place greater value on a print edition that they can do with what they wish than on such an ephemeral entity as an e-book. But even if the cost of manufacturing, distributing and recalling a physical volume is only a fraction of the total cost of production, there are still other factors to consider. For instance, a brick...
Wonder if there will be an education discount on the iPad. Would also be great if local school boards did not have to fund the purchases themselves, the over all savings to the states could still be enormous in the long run. Still I worry about how long such a device might last in the hands of a young child. Or a frat boy.
Wow, looks even thinner than the 3GS , or is that my imagination?
I'll buy that.Funny though, Apple's strategy is sorta similar: they claim to be only breaking about even from iTunes and apps, they make their killing from large margins on hardware. Though I do think the iPad represents much greater value over the Kindle!As to Macmillan's strategy, I think they are really cutting their nose etc... The ebook market represents a case in which profits rise astronomically with volume, as there is virtually no overhead for each additional...
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