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What I think you meant to say is that you are not buying it for the paper, because you certainly are paying for it. And the majority of consumers do place greater value on a print edition that they can do with what they wish than on such an ephemeral entity as an e-book. But even if the cost of manufacturing, distributing and recalling a physical volume is only a fraction of the total cost of production, there are still other factors to consider. For instance, a brick...
Wonder if there will be an education discount on the iPad. Would also be great if local school boards did not have to fund the purchases themselves, the over all savings to the states could still be enormous in the long run. Still I worry about how long such a device might last in the hands of a young child. Or a frat boy.
Wow, looks even thinner than the 3GS , or is that my imagination?
I'll buy that.Funny though, Apple's strategy is sorta similar: they claim to be only breaking about even from iTunes and apps, they make their killing from large margins on hardware. Though I do think the iPad represents much greater value over the Kindle!As to Macmillan's strategy, I think they are really cutting their nose etc... The ebook market represents a case in which profits rise astronomically with volume, as there is virtually no overhead for each additional...
@pmz: No, I think "awful" was the word he was groping for.
Here's the article about it in the NYTimes. What I can't understand is that under the new arrangement, Amazon will get 30% of the proceeds from ebooks, whereas previously they had been purchasing rights wholesale from the publisher for half list price, and selling the ebooks at a loss. Now Amazon will be making more and Macmillan less, according to the Times' math. So how is this a loss for Amazon? "Book publishers, meanwhile, are volunteering to limit their digital...
Funny, because the NYTimes app works fine without Flash.
Um... Mossberg writes for the WSJ, not the NYTimes, everybody.
Didn't Amazon actually sell more eBooks during the holiday season than they did in print? Pretty sure I heard that like on Marketplace. Also, more eBooks have been DLd to the iPhone and iPod Touch than to any other devices. I would suspect that at a starting price of $500, the iPad won't be a Kindle killer, but it will certainly eat into sales of the $490 DX version.
Came across this item from the BBC in Google News. Control-clicking the Flash presentation revealed a selection "BBC Media PLayer." Never saw that before, is this something new in the USA? Reason I ask is because usually Flash sucks on my old eMac, but this piece played flawlessly, even full screen it looked high-def. Now if only the Beeb would make iPlayer available here too!
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