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I selected Male, the voice sounded more natural to me. For some reason the Female is still very synthetic in American English.
I thought Siri was much improved in iOS 8 but after the last update it's really FUBAR. No longer respends to "Hey Siri," and when I manually woke him up to ask "What are your new features?" the reply was "Here's what I can do now:" And that was it.
Same problem on my iPad 3, even after update. Guess this is what is being refered to as the "text selection bug."Overall responsiveness still terribly lacking.iOS 8 sucks donkey balls.
From this article, as has been mentioned previously: "GTAT was unable to create sapphire at the 262-kilogram boule size that it had originally agreed to produce." Sorry if this has been discussed before, I must have missed it. What would the dimensions be of such a boule? Can't help wondering how big a sheet of sapphire might be produced from one of these...
As a resident of NYC who travels upstate regularly, I find Apple's Maps to be utterly unusable. When seeking walking directions to the surrounding boroughs it will direct me to routes by ferry (with no way to override), when there are dozens of multiuse bridges encircling Manhattan. Searching for directions upstate, Maps cannot accurately pick up my location over GPS, when Google Maps does. Not to mention that Google offers turn by turn cycling routes that perform...
Phil didn't mention how much this new thinner iPad weighs. The first iPad Air was just about a pound, right? And what is the difference between the new [rear facing] camera on the iPad Air 2 and that of the iPhone 6?
Funny but just a few weeks ago I noticed something different about my iPad but couldn't put my finger on it right away. Finally It dawned on me that the status bar read LTE rather than 4G. There had been no prior announcement that LTE was coming to this hick town in upstate NY and to date the coverage map does not indicate that we have it. But even the two lousy bars of reception I get gives me download speeds of 24Mbps and uploads about half that, woohoo!
Anybody know whether Safari for iOS 7 will enable full screen on the iPad? Thanks.
Funny but I received the same notification on my iPad LTE from AT&T, but my Notification settings remain unchanged. Huh?
This movie will never be released, it will have to escape.
New Posts  All Forums: