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The reason the percentage of an iDevice's total cost that goes to labor is so small is that the assembly workers are paid so little. It takes about eight hours to assemble an iPad; in the USA that could easily cost $120 to $200 per device, as opposed to $10 in China.
So about the same dpi as the iPad 2 then?
The Brooklyn Bridge is still quite messed up in the above picture. The suspension cables are all missing and the pedestrian level has been crushed onto the motorway. Glad I came home over the Manhattan!
This Apple design does not look like a great choice for "active" users. There is still a relatively long wire hanging down from the earbuds which can snag when one is physically active, e.g. riding a bicycle. A better design for sports is a strictly BT device with the wire connecting the buds positioned around the back of the head, where it is unlikely to catch on anything. Of course these BT earphones cannot be charged on the go but with a 5 - 7 hr battery life that is...
I'm in the same boat as you Marcel — or should I say, on the same bike. Been holding off on upgrading my new iPad to iOS 6, didn't want to lose Street View. Also like to be able to plan bike trips with Google (but the web app has always supported that.) Unfortunately you still can't drag to change routes on the web app like you can on the desktop, the only work around is to plot your route with multiple destinations. Nice though that it works in iCab Mobile so you can...
Not taking sides here, just couldn't resist.
Unfortunately as of this date the BBC iPlayer is still not available from the App Store in the United States in any form whatsoever.
Comex. He's young, personable, deeply understanding of the OS, and completely humble. Plus he started out as a hacker just like Jobs, let him be the face of Apple future.
Steve, wonder if Verizon meant that you are only safe in the plan you currently have.  Richard didn't say you would still be grandfathered under 4G/LTE. Huh.
Nope, no security update for Leopard on PPC as of this moment.   As G4 Macs do not support the latest version of Flash this does not surprise me.
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