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56.3/19.98 Mbps At&T LTE NYC
It's going to take them two more years to implement this?! Sheesh. Question: If your iDevice gets lost or stolen and you remotely wipe and lock it, can you still track it?
So, the 2% who were not satisfied... WTF were they expecting that Apple failed to deliver?
Aside from the bandage, this has got to be the unfunniest April Fools post ever. \
From listening to his interview with Terri Gross on Fresh Air over NPR, author and NYTimes reporter Charles Duhigg really strikes me as another fabulist. His so called reporting is full of straw men, NEVER does he credit any of his supposed sources, he relies on anecdotes alone. Per wit, he claims to have lost twelve pounds in three months just by skipping one cookie a day; he claims that an executive from Target had to apologize to the father of a pregnant teen for having...
Yeah my reaction too was that this technique should not be employed in articles that are meant to be recyclable. More useful would be a method of securely but reversibly bonding disparate materials. Something perhaps like gecko adhesion, though that is obviously being patented elsewhere. Anyway I'd imagine the field is still pretty wide open, as the current technology I believe relies on a separate substance. Ideally, joining surfaces would simply be finished in such a...
Hey Relic, Guess you are asleep now, good luck with your surgery later! If you feel up to it once you are recovered, download Atomic Web Browser. I think there is still a free Lite version, which is really just as good as the paid app. Has a lot of very cool features, such as full screen mode and a good ad block. I'd be interested to hear how responsive it is to tap+hold gestures, such as the command to Open in New/Background Tab. (Kinda laggy on my first...
So do the first two generations of iPad employ antialiasing, is that the shadow around the text? Not necessary with the Retina Display.
Well I'd bet that if they actually had that many on hand at launch they would sell them.
So would LTE enabled iPads still be specific to the various carriers? Would be convenient if consumers could buy one model that would work on whichever network they chose for any given month just by switching SIMs. For instance, I reside in NYC where I don't expect AT&T to provide very good coverage, so I'd go with Verizon down here. But on my farmland upstate, AT&T has the better signal. Hoping the iPad HD will be a universal device, but not holding my breath...
New Posts  All Forums: