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You love Apple, you love Samsung. No no no no no no no. You hate Apple, you love Samsung. No, that not good too. Let see: Think Differently. Samsung. Hears to the crazy ones. Samsung. iMac. iPhone. iPad. Samsung.
Speak for yourself. I jailbreaked my iPad just to upgrade the interface with apps like Full Screen Safari and Five Row Keyboard, among others. Incidentally, the link on EFF to jailbreakingisnotacrime.org doesn't seem to be working, wonder if the site has been overwhelmed or hacked.
It's not the mobile version that I was trying to access, that actually kinda works. I can navigate to AI articles from there, just can't open the home page in Opera at all on my iPad, it always times out. No problem opening AI in any other browser.
Currently running iOS 4.3 on my first generation iPad. Just installed Opera and it seems to work well on all the sites I regularly visit except for this one, which it will not load at all. What gives?
Did Apple have to build anything new for this store? Can't tell from the photos whether their illuminated logos are even integrated into the concourse.
I would like the book look a lot more if it showed you were in the book by proportionally altering the thickness of the edges, and if it were a bit more subtle and photo-realistic. Always having it look like you are in the middle of the book offers the reader no pertinent information and the slightly heavy-handed cartoonish look detracts from it's appeal for me.
Much as I would like to believe that Apple has bought C3, the news reports this weekend don't quite add up. One site reports that the company was bought and then shuttered, but that clip from PC Mag features the team at CS2011 in Vegas, showing off their software not only on the iPad but also a variety of competing devices including I think it was the Galaxy Tab? So does't sound like Apple has control of this company, at least not yet. Hope I'm wrong...
Doesn't "intransitive" mean anything to you?
This will be great for drivers, so they can keep their eyes on the road while flailing their arms about and crashing into stuff.
They still just don't get it. Those of us with iDevices and other electronic readers want the option of subscribing to digital editions without having to receive the print-- we wish to avoid the burden of dealing with all that dead tree pulp. Publishers are holding back on this because print still brings in bigger ad dollars per capita. Last time I checked, The New York Times was actually charging less for a print + digital subscription than for the digital alone; they...
New Posts  All Forums: