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Well time was when photographers had to lug around huge wooden boxes on tripods, so in comparison the heft of an iPad is not such a big deal (at least to me.) Plus, not everyone who is going to own an iPad will also be endowed with an iPhone, or even necessarily with a decent camera phone. I myself prefer to lug around an iPad 3G and a dumb little pay-go phone— don't need to pay for two data plans (and am still grandfathered for unlimited with AT&T, though expect that...
Huh? I can't understand why anyone would prefer the thicker & heavier iPad with the bulging backside over the lighter, svelte iPad 2. Can't wait to get my clammy little hands on the iPad 3 so I can fob off my iPad 3G.
The New York Times, while still arguably the "paper of record," does have both a history of staging single minded vendettas (e.g., their character assassination of former NY governor David Paterson, which ultimately forced him to resign) and a habit of mangling quotations (too many examples here from which to choose!) As many posters above have observed, what the Times' piece lacked in investigative research was more than made up for in the use of scurrilous accusations...
OS or just 
Exactly the problem that bugs me the most. Really makes searching for apps a PITA! Also wish Apple would make the App Store searchable on any Mac or PC, with an expanded interface so one could swiftly browse through the relevant offerings, select winners, and upload them right to an iThingy. Think there would be a much more level playing field if apps were just easier and faster to find than is the case now under iOS.
So can the loose Apple employee be remote wiped?
You love Apple, you love Samsung. No no no no no no no. You hate Apple, you love Samsung. No, that not good too. Let see: Think Differently. Samsung. Hears to the crazy ones. Samsung. iMac. iPhone. iPad. Samsung.
Speak for yourself. I jailbreaked my iPad just to upgrade the interface with apps like Full Screen Safari and Five Row Keyboard, among others. Incidentally, the link on EFF to jailbreakingisnotacrime.org doesn't seem to be working, wonder if the site has been overwhelmed or hacked.
It's not the mobile version that I was trying to access, that actually kinda works. I can navigate to AI articles from there, just can't open the home page in Opera at all on my iPad, it always times out. No problem opening AI in any other browser.
Currently running iOS 4.3 on my first generation iPad. Just installed Opera and it seems to work well on all the sites I regularly visit except for this one, which it will not load at all. What gives?
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