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Much as I would like to believe that Apple has bought C3, the news reports this weekend don't quite add up. One site reports that the company was bought and then shuttered, but that clip from PC Mag features the team at CS2011 in Vegas, showing off their software not only on the iPad but also a variety of competing devices including I think it was the Galaxy Tab? So does't sound like Apple has control of this company, at least not yet. Hope I'm wrong...
Doesn't "intransitive" mean anything to you?
This will be great for drivers, so they can keep their eyes on the road while flailing their arms about and crashing into stuff.
They still just don't get it. Those of us with iDevices and other electronic readers want the option of subscribing to digital editions without having to receive the print-- we wish to avoid the burden of dealing with all that dead tree pulp. Publishers are holding back on this because print still brings in bigger ad dollars per capita. Last time I checked, The New York Times was actually charging less for a print + digital subscription than for the digital alone; they...
Jeepers, Al Gore's delivery was so robotic, I kept expecting his head to split neatly apart in a demonstration of deeply immersive interactive animatronics. But that platform looks pretty good, hope it gains traction.
While not all that much of a fitness enthusiast, I would love to see an iPad app like this if it included turn-by-turn GPS navigation for cycling. Can't find anything with that right now allowing me to avoid highways/gravitate to bike paths. Come on Apple, please please please please please!
I'm calling their bluff. Firstly, I'll bet they never even attempted to return their iDevices to Apple for a refund. Secondly I'll also wager that even if offered a refund they wouldn't accept it if it meant they had to actually hand their devices back in.
How does anyone know this means supply is increasing? Perhaps after the initial rush demand is simply slacking off. (Though I would personally put more stock in the former proposition... Go Apple!)
My sympathies to all those who (like me) have not yet been able to snag an iPad 2 locally. And yes, perhaps, distributing them now through RS will end up even further diluting the supply available at other locations. Still I think this is a smart move on Apple's part. The amount of inventory available to potential consumers will not be affected but the iPad 2 will be put in front of even more pairs of eyeballs. Now this may hardly seem necessary at this point, given...
Yes, the line in "Returns."
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