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Well if the iPad 2 has a Thunderbolt port, I imagine that we will be seeing quite a few peripherals being designed for it. Zoom is doomed. Happy Birthday Steve.
A preposition is bad to end a sentence with.
Aside from the example you site not being a repair, and also quite an easy task that just about any user could perform on their own, it just illustrates the kind of problem that Apple is trying to avoid here-- that being incompetent consultants going above an estimate because they did not come prepared and charging for the extra time that they themselves are wasting for the client. By establishing ceilings and requiring the requisite paperwork for going above an estimate,...
I wonder if the Backbeat 906, which comes with a network adapter that plugs into the headphone jack, might work. They say it supports the HFP that the iPod touch and iPad lack, though they don't mention anything about PBAP.
Glad to hear this. I would more willingly pay for a BBC subscription through iPlayer than for anything like Hulu or what have you. Wonder when it might actually launch and how much it might be. Go Beeb!
It seems that the iPad's built-in mic and speaker work okay for Skype (from the self-included test, I didn't try placing an actual call), but that it does not currently support any Bluetooth headsets for VoIP. Wired sets should all work.
Are there any VoIP apps for the iPad that support Bluetooth? Tried both Gizmo5 and Skype and neither work with my Backbeat headset (even though the Gizmo app has a setting to enable Bluetooth.) Incidentally, Truphone actually states that it does not support Bluetooth on the iPad; also my Backbeats do not work on my Mac with fStream, though they do with iTunes. So I can see that getting them to work for VoIP on the iPad is going to be somewhat problematic. Any pointers...
My iPad 3G actually works a lot better now that it is jailbreaked and I have installed Backgrounder. Before, Atomic Browser would actually open the wrong links in background tabs on certain sites such as NYTimes and Slate. Now I can multitask on my iPad and everything goes swimmingly. Thanks, Saurik, where ever you are.
My ZN5 has that too, can't find any documentation anywhere that explains its function, but it is definitely not the microphone, think it might have something to do with autofocus.
Speaking of tabbed browsing, solipsism, have you tried Atomic Browser? Fast as all get out, caches multiple pages, instant switching between tabs with no page refresh, auto full screen mode, other great features. Right now I am playing a video at nytimes.com, have googlenews, thenewyorker, and three or four other sites open and can jump back and forth between tabs without losing my place while I type this. Just needs to keep imported bookmarks as default set,...
New Posts  All Forums: