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I'm calling their bluff. Firstly, I'll bet they never even attempted to return their iDevices to Apple for a refund. Secondly I'll also wager that even if offered a refund they wouldn't accept it if it meant they had to actually hand their devices back in.
How does anyone know this means supply is increasing? Perhaps after the initial rush demand is simply slacking off. (Though I would personally put more stock in the former proposition... Go Apple!)
My sympathies to all those who (like me) have not yet been able to snag an iPad 2 locally. And yes, perhaps, distributing them now through RS will end up even further diluting the supply available at other locations. Still I think this is a smart move on Apple's part. The amount of inventory available to potential consumers will not be affected but the iPad 2 will be put in front of even more pairs of eyeballs. Now this may hardly seem necessary at this point, given...
Yes, the line in "Returns."
I'm sure sales of the PlayBook will be "smooth."
Prof. Peabody, you just took the words out of my mouth! What I wonder is how the iPad 2's display compares to the original. Have seen a number of videos comparing the graphics power of the two, but no mention was made of the optical quality. However it appeared to me that the new model was noticeably sharper, the older iPads looking a bit more yellowish and dimmer. Could that be attributed just to their being about a year older? Or has the manufacturing process been...
Another thing to remember is that last year's iPad debut was of only the Wi-Fi model; this year the 3G is being offered as well and on both major carriers here in the States. So I would be surprised if Apple does not sell at least a million over this weekend.
If you jailbreak your iPhone, eightzero, then you can tether unlimited data with MyWi from Cydia.
Well if the iPad 2 has a Thunderbolt port, I imagine that we will be seeing quite a few peripherals being designed for it. Zoom is doomed. Happy Birthday Steve.
A preposition is bad to end a sentence with.
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