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Outside the Apple Store on 14 St the ASCRs were informing everyone that they needed to pay with plastic and have ID. That must explain why the woman in line next to me who had been rifling through the cash in her bag while yakking on her iPhone had suddenly left the line in a huff-- guess she got the news before the rest of us. But no one else that I could see gave up their place. Anyway they moved us all through really fast! Only little hitch was that my sales rep,...
I spoke to a couple of ACSRs yesterday to find out if I could reserve or pre-pay for an iPad 3G to pick it up today. They very politely and patiently told me no, that I would just have to come by and try my luck at the launch. They then divulged that the payment areas were to be re-arranged, with a separate section just for iPad 3G sales. Hoping that means I won't have to wait in line too long, planning to get there around 4PM. In the words of Ed Wynn, "I'm tho exthited!"
There are 185,000 apps in the App Store and these MacBook Pros can't run any of them! Unless I can install any app I want to on my portable it is not a real computer. No touch screen, no accelerometer, no option for 3G... No deal!
The ABC app requires Wi-Fi, as mentioned by AI and under the description in the store. How about Netflix, will that be available for streaming over 3G? Doesn't mention any restriction to Wi-Fi in the App Store description, but neither does it specifically state that it will work over AT&T. Anybody have any further info? Thanks.
I think it is to show that the jailbreak is "untethered," meaning that the device can be rebooted without being connected via USB to a Mac or PC (as explained on his site.) Took me a while to realize the point too. Can anybody here please enlighten me, though, about the 3-D interface he's got there-- I assume it is tied to the jailbreak? Thanks.
Intel only. Jeepers, even the Nook e-reader can run on PPC-- so can Stanza and Tofu. This is just pathetic.
FWIW, you can easily change Safari's default desktop search engine on the fly with add-ons such as Glims (which boasts a lot of other very cool features) or Inquisitor. A lot of posters here have brought up the subject so just thought I'd throw that out, in case anyone's interested. Back on target: I don't see any ultimate victor in this war, other than the lawyers who will profit from resources that would do better going to R&D... not that I don't support Apple in what...
What they don't say in the support doc is for how long after purchase the policy will stand. Will they honor it once the iPad is out of warrantee or AppleCare?
I'm already figuring ways to fashion a snap-on strap for the case so it can double as a shoulder bag. Glad I held on my industrial Singer sewing machine!
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