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yea whats it looki look like bp
Apple should give 12% of 80% of the foreign funds Apple is hoarding . The 20% is held for over seas business uses. Apple then can take the balance and re invest here in America . 5% is way too low . peace 9
almosty a poem almost but not quite cricket some cried out blue blue 55' TV game over our new family was found i need a break 9
dead nintendoi is dead my sons want th e iPads no matter what 7 and 10 yrs old nintendio is dead apple is rocking
good shot dude lol apple should get mario and etc CALL OF DUTY SELLS GREAT ON Apple plat forms 9
apple could charge 1/half of what it charges today and still make a profit . except the other concerned parties don't want apple to under cut them . get it borders just went under 9
lolololololololoo 9
i tell you all with the world markets collapsing and stocks like aapl getting a beaten . i would hate to be motoroma now and i would hate to have 10 models that don't sell like the single model they have now 9
great topic 9
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