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Thank you TallSki dude. The APP stores even thou they will pull in one day soon billions of dollars. Are charging lower prices for many of its products . And its very green . NO DISCS NO ... etc etc ... 9
Its Apples Store . Its Apples devices If thy don't wanna join at Apple's standard pricing. Then don't join. 9
best post ever simply the best 9
you can get lost trying to get there. beam me up scotty 9
sorry for rant they made 30 fully stocked JVC stores a few years ago with all real JVC stuff ,Oddly JVC does not have any stores . some one needs jail time 9
if you look over the balcony it huge open space with backward stars on the ceilingwow This store will be crushing great for apple A million commuters a day late for their train Wander upstairs 40 large fully packed sky crapers with all there lunch time cabin fever e=xecs wandering down for a gourmet lunch and then up to apple store plus ten of thousand of tourists wandering around mid town this store will be like the rockerfewller nintendo storea tourist spot to hit a...
racists come out of the of every f,,ig corner tonight ,. Chinese clients know apple products as well as we do , some bot frIends may have bought anyway to fool there girl friends but i truly believe the ones who did buy were fooled badly i feel very bad for them and these knock off artists should go down to google and work there or face real jail time . DON'T GET m e STARTED ./. 9
Sorry i was too strong on my talk . Its so easy to use Apple Apps/i-tunes But yes most of my stuff was from other places. but now i am all Apple . 9
Apple settled for cheap 600 million TO NOKIA .They also will have to pay smaller amounts to Nokia in the future on this patenti will look and add a link my friend .http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ith_apple.htmlPARAGRAPH #3peace 9
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