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"Anybody else wish they could go back to the all-caps keyboard?" No, with a hardware keyboard you can't change the letters on it to reflect the shift or option keys. On iPad this is a WYSIWYG feature. It is the advantage of software.
Put simply - advertising has become the scourge of modern society. It is just too much, pushing out content to tell us about things we don't want to know about. It is time the marketing idiots realised enough is enough and that their silly campaigns are having the reverse effect and setting people against their products.
Quite right Tim and wrong Zuckerberg. Advertising produces nothing of value, just wastes time. In the advertising model it's the company and their advertisers against the consumer.
1 - The DOJ uses an invalid emotive argument. 2 - The encryption is to keep us safe from those criminals the DOJ thinks it's targeting. Preventing crime is better than prosecuting it after the fact.
It's TLS actually.
Samsung is worried that the kind of customer that buys a product because 'this one is bigger than that one' is no longer going to buy Samsung over Apple. Apple's products are higher quality (a factor of not being rushed to market like Samsungs), so the only thing Samsung can do is drop their price which will eat into their profits. No wonder they don't like it.
OS X on iPhone? The solution is simple - if you need to run OS X, buy a Mac. There is no good usage case for OS X on smaller platforms. iOS is tailored for that. Microsoft are making a big mistake with Windows everywhere, and not producing specific software to support that hardware platform.
By insulting Apple customers (and supporters - many of us through the lean times of the 90s), Samsung are also insulting and alienating some of their own user base. I bought a couple of things from Samsung a few years ago (I'll leave comments about quality), however, the recent behaviour of Samsung as a bunch of pirates have made me resolve to never buy anything from them ever again.   They have thus lost many potential customers.
Samsung still mucks up when it is a single monitor plugged into Mac Mini.
Nope - see my answer I just posted - Samsung does the same on both Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. I've always had problems with Samsung - I just get the feeling they do things on the cheap and their main aim is to capture market share rather than provide quality.
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