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By insulting Apple customers (and supporters - many of us through the lean times of the 90s), Samsung are also insulting and alienating some of their own user base. I bought a couple of things from Samsung a few years ago (I'll leave comments about quality), however, the recent behaviour of Samsung as a bunch of pirates have made me resolve to never buy anything from them ever again.   They have thus lost many potential customers.
Samsung still mucks up when it is a single monitor plugged into Mac Mini.
Nope - see my answer I just posted - Samsung does the same on both Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. I've always had problems with Samsung - I just get the feeling they do things on the cheap and their main aim is to capture market share rather than provide quality.
OK, it seems this is not the MacBook Pro graphics since I just connected Samsung display direct to Mac Mini server and it still has the same problem. Thus as I have always suspected, it's Samsung at fault. I'm never going to buy Samsung anything again.
Yes, it could be a fault in the Samsung which is also about three years old. I have not found Samsung to be particularly reliable - new TV failed in a month.
I'm glad to see this report. I am also having graphics problems with my early 2011 MacBook Pro. It is not showing up on the inbuilt screen, but on an external Samsung screen connected via the thunderbolt port. It mostly works OK, but there seems to be a particular shade of blue that sends the external screen crazy (File selection background in Finder). I thought it might either be another faulty connector (I already replaced that about 18 months ago). Or maybe it could be...
Seems Samsung uses marketing-driven design, rather than user-driven design.
Not just Scully and Gates perpetuated the Xerox PARC myth, but Jobs did himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpMeFh37mCE I think though what he wanted to do was give Apple legitimacy by saying it came out of Xerox PARC. Apple had already done a lot of the work independently of PARC, especially in the work of Jef Raskin, Father of the Macintosh: http://mxmora.best.vwh.net/JefRaskin.html http://mxmora.best.vwh.net/brucehorn.html It was thus Jef Raskin who had been...
Yeah right, put a load of money in the pockets of overpaid lawyers, probably a lot more than any damage this guy has done. Either way you lose, but you stand to lose a lot more in the legal system.
Correct, and tablets go back even further in Apple's DNA. Alan Kay originally proposed the idea of DynaBook in the early 1970s at Xerox PARC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r36NNGzNvjo). Kay was one of the many Xerox people who went to work for Apple (joining Jef Raskin who was working on similar ideas and who had primed Jobs for his visit to PARC). Kay got many ideas from Bob Barton, particularly 'develop software first because hardware should be constrained by software...
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