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Yeah right, put a load of money in the pockets of overpaid lawyers, probably a lot more than any damage this guy has done. Either way you lose, but you stand to lose a lot more in the legal system.
Correct, and tablets go back even further in Apple's DNA. Alan Kay originally proposed the idea of DynaBook in the early 1970s at Xerox PARC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r36NNGzNvjo). Kay was one of the many Xerox people who went to work for Apple (joining Jef Raskin who was working on similar ideas and who had primed Jobs for his visit to PARC). Kay got many ideas from Bob Barton, particularly 'develop software first because hardware should be constrained by software...
That's not true at all. Apple is about creating an entire user experience by combining software and hardware. This really starts with the software. The fact that they are great at hardware design is because they are very good at removing the constraints of hardware in order to support the software and then remove the constraints of software to support the user experience. Apple controls the design of the hardware so they can remove the constraints. Microsoft is bound by...
I'm really beginning to dislike this awkward phrase 'use case'. Sounds like business lingo trying to sound technical or knowledgeable. We have a clear word for it 'situation'.
Don't you hate the abuse of good adjectives like 'modern'. Metro is different from last year's offering and has more garish, tasteless colours than even the intrusive blue window header of XP or blurry transparent header of 7 showing off their ability to do transparency.   Was having coffee with my neighbour today and his wife called out for help on the computer trying to print an email. He disappears and returns 10 minutes later - "ugh the whole thing will have to...
Isn't this comparing apples and oranges. Google has 59% and Apple grows by 19%... those figure don't relate??? Google is now trying to emulate Microsoft by dominating with a cheap copy, but I think Apple has learnt that lesson.
Pathetic ad. MS is indeed on the way out. Their primary business model is still to rubbish the other players - that's why they're failing.
Seems like the old IBM strategy of FUD (tactics which MS inherited). However, maybe there is a grain of truth in this. Perhaps MS Phone and Android will cancel each other out.
Companies who infringe on patents are not only harming the patent holder, but also all the other companies that are being honest and respecting the patent. They are invisible victims and I can see why they are also upset.
Phones have always been emasculating. I remember visiting people in their office, maybe from miles away, when some guy from one floor up calls on the phone - "Oh, excuse me the important phone is ringing". Five minutes of drivel later, we get back to the point. Certainly, people feel that getting a call on their mobile is important - "Oh, excuse me, I'm so important someone is calling me". Been the case since before smartphones. However, strip away this emasculating part...
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