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iTunes 9.1.1 - this must have been an emergency update in the US!
So, why is most of the code written in C? With reference to previous comment, C is certainly not 'modern', but it is not a resource hog because it does not do mandatory checks to save us from things like viruses, etc. This is because C came out of a low-level telecommunications mindset, rather than a 'modern' high-level programming mindset. Oh well.
Agreed. Like Burroughs before it (well Alan Kay was a student of Bob Barton), Apple looks at the interplay of software with hardware to make something that is useful. The geeks simply never get it - but their arguments have thus far been very persuasive in a naive market. The market is not so computer naive anymore so is wising up to these idiots.
Gates didn't develop DOS - that was Seattle Computer Systems - all Gates did was buy their QDOS (Quick and Dirty OS) for $50,000 to fool IBM he had something. The last 30 years of inanity in this industry result from that deal (the previous 50 years of inanity were due to IBM).http://www.patersontech.com/Dos/Byte/History.html
I'm afraid you fail this CS course. Go back and read my many entries on multitasking. OK, I'll explain again slowly. What does multitasking give you? The ability to swap applications and return to the original application exactly at the point where you left off. In CS jargon it's called saving state. IPhone OS does exactly this - it's just that state is not saved in main memory, it's saved out to flash. Swapping is sufficiently fast that this does not matter. The...
Ha you are joking - Burroughs sales people couldn't sell anything - they were known as the Burroughs sales prevention force \ Mind you, they did have to combat the IBM-only mindset, much as Apple has to battle the MS-only mindset these days. Not to mention the dirty-tricks departments. MCP still leaves Unix for dead and buffer overruns are completely prevented - the scourge of C-based security problems.
It already works that way without the multitasking people are talking about. Reading a book, listening to music while watching a movie at the same time... mmmmm. Even on a large screen that's difficult but on a 10" screen? What you have described really is single tasking - you are still only performing one action at a time on the device. The multitasking that people are asking for is a fiction and just FUD.
Flash is being replaced by Web 2.0 - it has served its need, but there are better technologies now. The iPhone OS is brilliant - full OS X inside and Cocoa Touch cleans up on Cocoa a lot (although I'm still bemoaning the lack of GC). Any DVD player would such the batteries - load your movies onto iPad in other ways, via iTunes and then play them on the road for much better battery use. Not only would a drive be a drain on the battery, but also extra weight to lug...
You don't need *general* multitasking. How does Mac, Windows, iPhone, and now iPad work? The user interacts with one application at a time - Cocoa routes events to that application until it is swapped. On Mac applications are kept in main memory for fast swapping, but there is no need to do this - the real need is to save task state. This the iPhone does in a different way, but it does it. The only need for MT is that messages can come from elsewhere - incoming calls and...
No it's named after the Burroughs A4 ;-) from its A Series, the later version of the original B5000. The link is very close - Robert (Bob) Barton designed the B5000 and later taught students such as Alan Kay at Uni of Utah. Kay of course started all this Mac and iPad stuff at Xerox and later worked at Apple. His original thinking came up with the Dynabook: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynabook Maybe Barton was the original different thinker of the industry - design...
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