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Microsoft pundits would like to believe Apple's fortunes against MS were due to the ad campaign, thus living in the usual state of denial that Apple makes superior stuff. Secondly, the fact that internally MS people are putting "I'm a PC" stickers on their machines means that MS ads are just corporate breast beating and such ads never make for effective campaigns with customers.
The terminology is a Microsoft hypocritical misnomer. Service Pack makes it sound like software is a physical entity that you need to service to keep it in good working condition, as in change oil in a car, or replace aircraft parts according to the service schedule. Software needs no such maintenance and the suggestion that a responsible user should apply service pack is nonsense. They are updates or patches. The second bit of "rubbish" Microsoft terminology is "recycle...
Hey, Mission Viejo is Burroughs (Unisys) territory. Of course, Bob Barton invented the B5000 in 1963 with the best OS ever, Burroughs MCP (first commercial VM, and still the best, security, first in high-level language - ALGOL - which leaves C in the dust, interrupts, multi processing/programming, etc, etc), which still runs very secure large-scale servers (and small stuff as well). Barton left Burroughs to become a university lecturer, where Alan Kay was one of his...
Where will they find any gurus? If you are an expert in Microsoft stuff, you certainly are not a guru in computing, more an aguru - one who is unenlightened. Here's an original thought for Microsoft, why don't you set up Yogi Bars? Mmmm, perhaps that would be a boo boo too!
I'd hardly call Microsoft an early software pioneer - they were rather late, the foundations of software were well established long before MS came along (same applies to Apple actually) and a copier rather than pioneer.
Ever wonder how IBM sold rubbish like the system 360 (displacing the B5000 out a year earlier) the PC, (displacing Mac out a year later), with junk like MS-DOS and then Windows 1.0, etc, etc?
Just thought... the ad reminds me of those cringeworthy "Duck and Cover" ads you had in the US in the 1950s.
Well, it's deeper than just no taste. With SongSmith MS ignores the fact that to create anything good requires talent. Apple provides tools for people with talent or to nurture that talent. Microsoft claims any talentless hack will produce good music. The talentless hacks of the world will again tout how great MS is compared to Apple. I just read an Upanishad this morning on the blind leading the blind (OK, it's also in Matthew 15:14). The problem is worse when the blind...
I was hoping to see Mini and iMac as well. I could do with either of those. However, I suspect that there is probably not enough supply of technologies to satisfy demand. For example, if Intel's new Nehalem chip is in these machines, maybe production hasn't ramped up enough to fill the supply chain. Can't really blame Apple for that. I bet they want to release their new products as well, but it has to be done responsibly. Let's hope whatever problems there are are solved...
It's pure FUD. They know people (particularly Americans) hate tax. In this case how stupid do they think people are? Microsoft is much more likely to be labelled a taxation agent through its licencing agreements.
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