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I agree. What I am saying is that after these factor are taken into account there is still a price difference in the base price. That is the truth I am trying to get at. Because these pricing structures are complex it means that price discrimination is hidden, and so it is too easy to make this argument that since there is extra tax, all the price difference is due only to tax, but there still is a markup on the base price. This does happen in many products. The US is...
What don't you understand about the concept?   If customer A is paying more for a product than customer B, customer A is effectively subsidising customer B. Or to put it another way, the vendor is taking money from customer A and giving it to customer B. That is happening on a worldwide basis.
Well, it doesn't matter what you or I believe. What matters is the truth.
Oh, I don't believe anything - I'm posing the question. What is the base price in India before taxes, etc? Recently, Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft were questioned why their software and services are more expensive in Australia than in the US - typically 50% more, sometimes up to 4x more.   http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/adobe-cuts-prices-but-still-draws-flak-20130213-2ec9g.html   Stay tuned...   I think Apple's response was reasonable in that they said the...
Since they have different prices, then people ARE going to different countries to get the cheapest.   Again, it really looks like poor countries are made to pay extra so Americans can have things cheap. Why should the poor of India subsidise rich Americans?   The Italian case might be due to taxes, but I don't think there is much goods tax in India.
Even so, that does not justify the higher price in India.    Also what you are saying is just to reserve Apple products for the rich. I don't believe that is Apple's philosophy - hasn't it always been computers for the rest of us?   Basically I'm arguing for at least price parity, but if there are different prices in different countries, at least it should be less in poor countries....   otherwise.....   poor countries are subsidising rich Americans.
I'm no great fan of Java or Flash. But if you mean lazy developers who use tools that make what they want to do easier, then that's a good thing. And what do you mean by doing 'proper development'? Scala maybe - but that runs in the JVM. C++?? - the worst language ever (well almost). Machine code/assembler? - horrors.   Manipulating data in registers rather than high-level constructs? Well any programming model that has registers in it and exposes programmers to a memory...
Great. More of this Java version nightmare. Online web version checker tells me it can't detect Java. Terminal tells me Java 1.6.0_37 (why the 1 in front?). I thought I'd upgraded to Oracle Java 1.7.0_13, but maybe this was disabled. How are regular computer users supposed to cope?
Absolutely not. Stop trying to "deal with these people" - it's just perpetuating the cycle. The US is hardly blameless in this. Back in the 50s/60s there were calls just to nuke Russia to deal with them. Who are you to judge? It's better to have foreign countries as friends, trade with them, swap ideas and cultures. Sometimes relationships will get rough, but realize that all countries have their spies.   We don't need more Koreas, Vietnams, Afghanistans, Iraqs. Such...
Like Noam Chomsky said - the best way to prevent terrorism is to stop participating in it.   (Sorry should have quoted the original in the first place.)
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