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Last night's QI recorded in 2009 played on ABC in Australia last night pointed out the flaws a SatNav (which is very popular in the UK). It claimed something like 400,000 accidents were put down to Satnav directions (way before iOS maps). Any kind of GPS gives bad directions - often taking you on non-optimal but major highway routes when a minor road will get you straight there. The moral is not to trust everything to satnav/GPS - use your brain. I recently ran both iOS...
Alas, that is not good enough for most consumers. But as a developer I know how you feel, but I think the main part of the blame lies with Java not treating the Mac seriously enough (although this problem is also with Losedows). I still seems to have Java update 11 active on my machine - although the explanatory pages at Oracle about version numbers and updates makes my head hurt... talk about geek talk!
Could this be the same Gabe Newell who I am corresponding with on YouTube over a video comparing Dennis Ritchie with Steve Jobs:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Cl270D_Zbo&feature=em-comment_reply_received&lc=7j2EO4n3Opf1NF4x0CGiiuwS9AXM9fTyLxuZRW3UMVg&lch=email_reply   and I had to correct the lies:   Ian Joyner 7 months ago Well, Ritchie invented C which put computers back in the hands of geeks. Jobs fought geeks and 'engineers' to make computers useful...
Fishstick... I think what Newell is about is computers for geeks. Bring back the complexity in the PC and Windows (and Linux) worlds. 'Computers aren't for the rest of us'. That, I think is why he seems to hate Apple. It has been easy for guys like this to whip up hatred against those who try to make computers useful for the rest of society, not just tools for geeks and business.
Seems Java has got beyond a joke. Maybe we need decent virtual machine technology like Unisys (Burroughs) ClearPath MCP (B5000) systems, the ultimate programming environment. Or ideas from the B1700. JVM seems to be based on these machines anyway, but the original was better. Niklaus Wirth also based his Oberon systems on similar ideas. JVM is good for running Java and related languages like Scala. B5000 virtual machines are heavily oriented towards ALGOL (that's real...
Wow, the IIGS brings back memories. We had a prerelease GS at NetComm (Australia) in an ordinary Apple II case and sworn to secrecy. If anyone passed by they thought I was just working on the Apple II (of course NetComm's secret weapon was our Burroughs ALGOL-based development language for Apple II, SDL).   One day a journalist rang me up and told me Apple had told him to contact me for information on the GS because I was the Australian expert on the machine (wow I...
The fact that they want to run full Windows on a tablet means they still just don't get it!
Late... creating hardware to support software the idea goes back to 1961, Bob Barton and the Burroughs B5000: http://www.computer.org/portal/web/csdl/doi/10.1109/AFIPS.1961.4 Burroughs, Xerox PARC, and Apple have been much more into the idea of creating computers as a tool for people's creativity. This is a subversive idea because IBM and the Microsoft believe in making computers to control people, i.e. business and office machines. That is why Microsoft are failing.
A good historical lesson. IBM did not get into the PC market for fear of canibalizing mainframe sales of 360 and 34/36/38s. Worrying about current products against the relentless march of technology and believing your company is so powerful is a foolish thing to do.
Hi Ascii I was going to mention that Granny Smith was buried at St Anne's Ryde. I've seen her grave there!
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