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Yes very expensive, but at least available. Earlier in the year it was terribly hard to find anything Apple, apart from the Apple shop on MG Road Bangalore. There are of course the very rich Indians who can afford this, but mobile phones are so pervasive and cheap among the poor, that something must be done to address that market as well.   नमसते
That has always been Microsoft's business model - compete with Apple. They inherited even more of it from IBM - compete with and kill every other computer company, even though their product is superior to ours.   Apple's business strategy - let's make great products.   IBM failed, and Microsoft is also failing.   Stories like this on Ballmer just emphasise this difference in business strategy.
    Well, you should not bleat about that too much. The middle east just pump it straight out of the ground. The US pays less per barrel than the rest of the world. Why should you expect the rest of the world to subsidise the US? Then the US subsidises the car and petroleum industries as against public transport, which can be faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient. So your $4/gal is all round a good deal. Car drivers in the US are all round subsidised.   On the...
A couple of things come to mind.   Greg Ham who was the flautist on Men at Work's Land Downunder was found dead yesterday. Apparently he became depressed after a court case found MaW had breached copyright after Ham used a like from a 75-year-old song 'Kookaburra Laughs in the Old Gumtree'. Google's lifting of Java is much more recent and probably much more serious in terms of commercial damage.   My second point is that Android is weird, at least the Dalvik VM...
The real war should not be on a technology. Luckily it seems the best technology has won. The real war should be on royalties and licensing fees on a technology that has become all pervasive.
So ads don't work in HTML5 - that's got to be a big advantage over Flash!
Jony Ive's real comment is that if Apple can't make it better, they don't do it. In other words, unlike most companies that bring out inferior knock-off products in order to share in the profits of a sector, Apple does not work in this blatant commercial way.
Quite wrong. Microsoft (following on from IBM who really could not get things right) loves heavy feeling clunkers of keyboards and mice. These feel like some horrible growth under the hand. IBM started the trend of putting more keys on keyboards, but on keyboards, less is actually more. For those who are heavy inputters of numbers, I agree with a numeric keypad, but for most of us it is just a waste of space. I now use a trackpad, which really doesn't have any weight...
Funny how in India you can see a photo of the iPhone with the Samsung logo underneath. I wonder if this is the case in other countries.
Not only geeks love complexity, but marketing idiots as well - divide and conquer, sell junk by confusing the marketplace. Apple does not sell junk ('we don't do cheap') so the natural outcome of that is a simplified product range and naming scheme. One thing I teach computing students is that much of computing is about handling complexity and thus bringing about the KISS principle. Paradoxically, simplicity might look easy to bring about, but in fact it is more difficult...
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