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In the west, we want inexpensive products, but we also want high wages. The desire for inexpensive products means we must use whatever labour force provides the cheapest production. Oh well
Microsoft has only ever produced things in response to competition. That's why their business model is so wrong and bound to fail. Companies with technology and quality focus are now starting to cut through and win. And don't compare things to rape - that's offensive.
"it's over" just about sums it up for Microsoft.
And who are you to judge? Take the log out of your own eye first.
Great article, but OO goes much further back than Xerox PARC. They can't actually take credit for everything. But you can argue that Alan Kay appreciated OO in the way that Jobs appreciated the work of PARC. The original OO language was Simula. But Kay goes back even further being influenced by a system on the Burroughs B220, and then being a student of the legendary Bob Barton who was the designer of the Burroughs B5000, which is the machine with the most incredible...
Remember being a monopoly is not illegal - it's your behaviour using the power of monopoly. Conversely even if you don't have a monopoly unethical behaviour should be dealt with. I own my letter box. People who send me things pay the post office to deliver items to me. People not involved in the delivery don't make money out of it. Seems that content is delivered to the iPad that I own via the Internet – no participation by Apple required, yet they want a 30% cut...
Inkling 106 posts - I don't know if as detailed and thought out as this one. Anonymouse 3,838 posts - I suspect drivel just like this. Give the counter argument why you think it's nonsense or get off the net.
HP got its innovative stack designs from Burroughs, where the ideas of stacks and Reverse-Polish Notation (RPN) was introduced by Bob Barton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_S._Barton Thus HP and Woz have a lineage to Barton. But not only that, but Alan Kay who did so much of the design at Xerox PARC that went into the Mac had been a student of Barton's. Steve Jobs saw the ideas and since Xerox didn't want to build and sell them offered to do it. Xerox could...
A couple of "Thoughts of the Day" from a guru in Rishikesh (where the Beatles went) have come to me in the last two days which are relevant: "EFFICIENCY MEANS, MORE OUTPUT WITH LESS INPUT, IN TERMS OF TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY." and "JUST AS MOTH GNAWS A GARMENT, SO DO ENVY AND JEALOUSY CONSUME THE PERSON. IT IS MOST ANTISOCIAL PASSION OF THE HUMAN NATURE." Evaluate competition wrt these thoughts.
The following excerpt is from The Philosopher's Zone: http://www.abc.net.au/rn/philosopher...07/1923237.htm Alan Saunders: John, let's turn to the modern case for the free market, and this turns on an intellectual construct called the ideal market. What is that, and why is it ideal? John Wright: Well, it's a rather complex notion, but it's composed of a number of different elements. Roughly the idea is that in an ideal market all producers are competing against each...
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