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How many students have money for this? Really? My first computer for college was a PowerBook 145B. That thing was more expensive than this. The next year I needed something that could do 3D work....so I got a PowerMac 7100/80, cost me $3500. I wish I had these computer prices back in the 90's.
I once had a guy hide all the files in his User folder....on purpose.
...as it doesn't interfere with my stuff, I don't care.
Now if only they can somehow allow me to get my name on a pre-order list for an iPhone 4S. For some reason that is broken, and they just suggest that I call the store daily to see if they have gotten anymore that day. If only I could cash in this gift card, I could have it ordered and in my hands in 3 days.
Maybe if the Prius wasn't hideous.
I guess I better grab a new one soon. I just want something for camping that I can store LOTS of music on.
If that were the case I would not need a Blackberry Enterprise Server to integrate the phones with my Exchange Server. I can integrate directly to Exchange from an iPhone, iPad and Android device. Including all of the security policies like remote lock and remote wipe directly from the Exchange Management Console.
I like my site on iWeb, and don't really feel like rewriting the site and putting it somewhere else.
Ummmm...ANDROID doesn't make computers.
There was also a pretty sizable Online store outage that could contribute to those slow 3 hours.
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