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Hey all. My optical drive seems to reject everything i put into it. It shoes up in system profiler and about this mac, but when i try to put a dvd or cd in they will spin and make noises and then the computer will just eject em. Anyone know why or how to fix this?
Hey. My warranty on my computer is up in 2 days and my battery has expired about a month ago. The charge lasts about 5 minutes then the battery dies. If i brought my computer to the apple store would they replace the battery for free or do i have to pay 130 for a new one \ Thanks.
hey hey. if my computer is still under warranty, (for 2 more days) can i go into an apple store and request a new battery if mine has the same problem? it dies after like 5 minutes if not plugged in.
This is what i did. You don't need to pay for anything. I have more than one account, i have a gmail and a hotmail. I just make my hotmail forward all the mail to my gmail, and seeing as gmail is useable on the mail.app you can use that account, and all your hotmail mail will be sent to your iphone. Period.
I live in canada, and there's so many people who can get the new phones imported from china for cheap cheap and sell em for 400 for the 16 gb version. you've got to be crazy to pay 500 for anything less.
Yeah, you have to use forwarding. I have that set up for my hotmail and gmail so i receive my hotmail crap in my mail.app on my macbook pro.
haha, it was still a bit funny
I got it from deviantart. It's a really good website for checking out cool pics. i couldn't tell you the link though seeing as i forget, but it shouldn't be that hard to find. And yes, you need an account on a site for image hosting, unless there's one you don't need an account.
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