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Hi everyone,   Just wanted to thank everyone for all the help.  So it turns out that after having pretty much replaced the guts of the machine and still no resolution to my problems, Apple decided to just replace the machine.  Since the 17in isn't made anymore, I'll be downgraded on screen size but upgraded in everything else to a new 15in non-Retina MacBook Pro.  I'll miss my 17in but am really looking forward to the new machine and especially to Mountain Lion!...
Hi everyone, Thanks for all the help. So it's been about 3 days since I got my MacBook back from the Apple Store. They replaced the RAM and the battery. Since then my machine has been less than reliable. For starters, when I tried to start it up today I got the three beep problem AGAIN. I cut it off and tried again. It then started up and began installing some firmware update but froze in the middle of the install. I cut it off and started it again and it finally loaded...
Hi everyone.  So I ended up reseating the RAM sticks and testing to see if each worked.  They seem to work and I was able to use my laptop for most of today.  However, I'm running into the exact same problem with the three beeps.  Anyone have any more ideas as to what it could be?   Thanks again.
Thanks Omega, I'll give it a try.  I guess if they replaced the logic board, then they'd have to reseat the RAM sticks.  Really hope this works.
Hi everyone,   I have a MacBook Pro 17in 2010 model with a dual-core 2.66 GHz i7 processor, 500GB 5400 HD and 8GB of RAM.  A week ago, my Hard Drive died and my computer would not start.  You could hear audible clicking from the Hard Drive.  Also, I had been having issues with my graphics card and would see incessant ghosting.  So I took it to the Apple Store in Greensboro, NC where they replaced the hard drive and the logic board.  I start it up in the store under...
Are you referring to the software that comes with the Airport N router? What if one does not have the Apple router? Is there a way to get that software w/o purchasing the router or through some third party? Thanks
Hi, Is there a way I can get WPA2 support for a Powerbook G4? Thanks
Sounds like a plan. I'll try and do that but just wanted to ask, are there any other hardware pieces which could cause this error? e.g., Video Card, PCI Cards, DVD Drive, etc? Thanks
I had actually did that somewhat. I have two other hard drives inside my G4 and I installed Tiger on another one. I didn't do a clean install however. What happened was that it ran nicely for about 2 days before reverting to the same old behavior. When you say corrupt file or disk error, do you mean with the install DVD or with one of my hard drives. If so, how would I go about finding out whether that is the problem and how would I rectify it. Any ideas? Thanks...
When you say the CPU upgrade as the culprit, what exactly do you mean. Is Gigadesigns a bad manufacturer? Is it something that can be fixed or rectified? Thanks so much for the reply.
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