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Missing the whole point. Google has already built a kick ass maps application for android. The consumer can see this at the Verizon store and stack it up next to iMaps or whatever it's called. Huge risk for AAPL.
It's about time. Apple maps just plain sucks. I've been an apple fan for a long time and enjoy using their desktop os and laptops, but their mobile offerings are just not comparable to android powered devices. Worst part is that they choose to be shitty because they're pissed at Google.
I have an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy Nexus. On the iPhone, I use WiFi because Verizon 3G isn't very fast. On the Galaxy Nexus, I use 4G because I usually get ~25Mbit/down and ~20Mbit/UP, which is faster than the internet speed on most of the WiFi networks I connect to. Both devices are easy to connect to WiFi. I can't say one is better than the other.
RIP Steve
Come on guys...a little competition is good. I personally own an Android and an iPhone 4. I like them both in their own ways. As a MS developer by day, I think it's great that I could leverage my C# skills to quickly port existing code over to WP7. I'd imagine there's great value in this for the enterprise. I'm not sure where the dev platform is at now for WP7 but when it was demoed to me last fall, it was a POS. It didn't even have any sort of SQL support. I hoped...
Not for nothing, but MS didn't write the BIOS on your PC's motherboard.
Now the iPhone will work in NYC!
That's hilarious!! Although the "App Store" would reject it so it would be Android only unless the soldier "military breaks" their iPhone.
I agree with your statement about HTML5. In most cases, I'd much rather go to a mobile website than use an application. It promotes interoperability.
I'm not sure what this statement is supposed to mean. The platform a developer develops on has nothing to do with the quality of the software.
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