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I work for Xi3 and proud of it! This is going to be an exciting year!
On my ipad mini, it's a no go. I power cycled, but still nothing.
So... I'm under the impression that store employees don't know anything, but I was in the other day, and was asked if I could be helped, and I basically said that I was wanting an iMac but was waiting for when new ones come out. He then said that they were told that mid October was when they were going to get updated. Who knows.
And that's how many more months?
It's probably all psychological, but I've always felt like the iMac gives you more bang for your buck. Nowadays though, there's little bang at all.   Eventually they'll get updated...   Eventually.
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Yeah, they're mainly focused on businesses/government rather than your average consumer. I'm not sure why they're doing kickstarter though, maybe just for additional funding. They already have plenty of money, and there are already companies using the product.   I'm tempted to get one and put Mountain Lion on it, and then I come back to my senses and realize that I'm still waiting for the new iMac, whenever it comes out.   Though it sure is an interesting design.
It isn't better than an iMac for my needs/wants. I'd rather have the AIO with the 27" display.
I also have to disagree with this, at least in my area.  While speed obviously isn't always consistent, when I use my phone to hotspot, I can stream mlb.tv games, as well as netflix, with out any issue.   It all depends on the area.  The one thing that bothers me is the 2.5 limit before being throttled. Now I can't watch any kind of video until the next month starts.
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