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Ordered the Gold 128GB WiFi+Cellular this morning, to make sure I got one, also bought a Smart Cover and Case. Left the pencil for the moment, going to see if I can pick one up whilst i am in town on Friday, if not then I will order one up then.
They probably dumped a load of Apple stock, released this speculation and then bought back in at the lower price.
Where do they get their data from? Is this gathered from ads on Apps or website hits/usage? Quite impressive that the iPad 2 is still going strong though although I think it had been on sale for the longest space of time. My old iPad 2 is still used by my outlaws for web browsing.
Same rules as OS X, don't download and install anything from dodgy websites.
We shall await the: Ming-Chi Kuo says that due to production issues the new 4" Apple iPhone will be pushed back to 2017...
But Plex converts them on the fly every time you play them which can't be energy efficient can it? Just sayin
the author forgot to mention: Conclusion A week of investigation showed that there are a number of weak points in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Over the course of a week, we found a total of 11 issues with a serious security impact. Several issues were found in device drivers and image processing, and there were also some logic issues in the device that were high impact and easy-to-exploit. The majority of these issues were fixed on the device we tested via an OTA update...
All of my content IS in different folders depending on content, movies, tv shows etc all of this is added to iTunes which organises all of them under each category. I have content on 3 DAS units 2 archived libraries and 1 live library. iTunes was set to NOT to copy files to its library when I added the archived DAS units and that function was enabled for future content which is added to the live library which lives on the move library DAS. Each DAS has folders for the...
I tried Plex recently, installed on my Mac mini server. It added my iTunes as a channel but just dumped all videos, tv shows and movies, into the movies folder under Plex. One massive list of 4000 videos. I tried adding the movie folder locations manually but it only seemed to take a single location which was no good as I have movies on 3 different drives. Gave up and stuck to iTunes.
Sounds like a cruel punishment to me.
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