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You can roll a jobby in glitter but its still a jobby.
Kinda hoping that this will be the last Sony Pictures Bond film, their license is up and Warner among others have been sniffing round the franchise.
Paid for product placement is hilarious. ho would buy anything from Samsung after the slaughter in Jurassic World, "Let me check the tracking on my Galaxy Gear, aaaaaaaargh" Nom Nom Nom.
This needs to be released on GitHub, then you can side load it from your Mac, just like https://github.com/jasarien/Provenance
Amazon price video has had a couple of shows I have watched, like hand of God and Bosch but the rest of their content is fairly lacking. I got the prime sub when it was only £49 as I was ordering quite a lot of stuff from Amazon on a regular basis and using the prime free next day delivery but this year not so much. With this sort of nonsense going on if they don't support Apple TV I will probably cancel and just download their shows by 'other means'.
I think the surface pro and book ARE better products than the iPad pro and the only thing stopping me from owning one is Windows and even then it's a pretty thin line. If the hackintosh guys can get OS X running and supporting all of the hardware features I would buy a surface pro 4 and it would replace my MacBook Pro as my daily driver. And it sounds like he has never used one, you don't need to use the pen all the time, it works fine with yer finger. I totally love...
If they can prove they got jipped out of $5m of data then fair enough. If it is less than that then they should be counter sued.
Pay for YouTube ? Eh, naw. Plus it sounds like a porn version of YouTube with that name
Translation was ab bit off: We are sorry we got caught by Apple. But rest assured we will work with Apple and make sure we don't get caught next time.
We need secure encryption, look at the data being stolen at present through hacks imagine how worse it can be if a back door is added and eventually discovered by hackers/terrorists/governments.
New Posts  All Forums: