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The total cost of the movie was 60 million dollars which they will easily re-coop. I wanted to,see this movie after seeing the trailers earlier this year and I think that if people were motivated to watch it only after all of the hoo hah about free speech then they area) not the target audience andb) probably not going to enjoy it and finallyc) are a bit thick.I watched the film late on Christmas night with friends and we enjoyed it for what it is. Either you like their...
Not their best movie but entertaining enough with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Each to their own but I think that if you are an old fart or take life too seriously you are not gonna like this.
It protects the interests of its members by holding and managing these patents to defend against trolls.
This also affects other Unix and Linux operating systems not just Macs.
Things to try On both macs manually set your IP addresses On both Macs enable sharing Do you have the same user account name on both macs? If not remember which user to "connect as" Once connected go to finder preferences and check the box for view connected servers. This will show the share on the desktop. Now right click the share and create alias, this will make a shortcut on the desktop for you rather than having to select connect to server each time. Once the...
After the completely biased coverage of the Scottish independence campaign it is clear who the BBC get their orders from. They buried loads of positive articles regarding independence until after the vote. The BBC is just the flag waving arm of the Government.
He is not really racist he just appeals to the retarded part of the population who fear 'the darkies' and Johnny foreigner.
Nice to see you sitting back on your high horse whilst others suffer. I assume you are also part of the camp who watch starving Africans and say "meh, they are at fault because they choose to stay there".
Apart from the pirate modified copy of angry birds? Or did you miss that? Regardless, I hope the public sue the shit out of these retailers for putting them in harms way. Or, do you think they can stand back like Microsoft and just say "you need antivirus"?
Lots of non productive comments on here but lets try this angle. In general consumers trust that when they purchase a device, it has been vetted by the retailer and is safe to buy and use. Consumers purchasing these tablets, do so because they are cheap and most will have little experience of, or exposure to these devices previously. They won't expect these devices to be full of security holes or malware, if they even know what malware is. Basically, I'm saying that...
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