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I would use it but I'm with the Halifax
I had a 6 month trial of Spotify Pro through Virginmedia in the UK and only used it for 2 weeks. The music selection was poor and I could never find albums I wanted to listen to. In the end I went back to buying music from iTunes. I signed up for the family Apple Music trial and use it daily now and love it. Not only does it provide great playlists I can also make my own playlists in seconds. It is also bringing up music from my own library which I have forgotten about...
They haven't opened up custom faces as I'm sure it would be very time consuming to check every single face to make sure it does not breach copyright etc of other watchmakers. Just imagine all of the Tag, Rolex stuff that would be created. They let you have custom pictures because they are not liable for anything you put up but that changes if they let provide it through the App Store
I will stick to VMware fusion pro thanks. I tried parallels a while ago but fusion is just a solid program AND they don't milk it every year.
Dunno how you do things but our clients use External raids for their video storage. Their internal storage has never been an issue, neither has the cost.
They still run the scareware adverts. Scumbags.
We are talking about HTC here, not Apple.
Buy shares back, go private? Then stick to a couple of handset models and stop selling crap little ones.
It's still on a minority platform, especially in Europe.
So what if Apple charge third parties 30% Apple don't have a smartphone market share majority, they can charge whatever they like and if the third parties don't want to pay they can go elsewhere. No reason for the EU to be sticking its nose in.
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