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How big is your wrist? Either you have very slender wrists or that is a massive bit of plastic. Frankly it just looks terrible.
Good points, well made. Thank you.
Do the math, its approx 7% of a 'loss' in quoted size going from 1000 to 1024 (not really a loss but looks that way in some OS)e.g320=297500=4651000=9314TB=3.72OS X has moved to decimal now so it shows 2TB as 2TB but windows shows a 2TB disk as 1.86GB. The reason I quoted the 7% with regards to iPhone storage is that Apple quote OS X storage in decimal but iOS devices in Binary. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201402Also please refrain from childish name calling, One...
Then why ask the question ?You wanted to know why formatting shows a different size when you obviously knew.Disk space quoted at 1000GB decimal. Formatted in binary (1024 to a GB) 931GBWhy ask the question in the first place or were you just being a troll?
They sell the device with 16GB of storage, 14.88 formatted. The storage space is used for the is etc too. They are advertising that they sell a device with 16GB of flash storage, what's your problem?Your 128GB is only 119GB after formatting and then 2.5GB for the OS so you lose almost 12GBA 4TB disk has ~3.7TB usable after formatting. Don't know how you have gone through life with computers and never once noticed that you don't get the quoted disk size available ever.
The formatted capacity of a 16GB device is 14.88GB. So you never get 16GB anyway. Any formatted drive loses approximately 7% of its capacity straight away and then a chunk to the operating system. This is standard across the industry.
PMSLThanks for proving my point.
The total cost of the movie was 60 million dollars which they will easily re-coop. I wanted to,see this movie after seeing the trailers earlier this year and I think that if people were motivated to watch it only after all of the hoo hah about free speech then they area) not the target audience andb) probably not going to enjoy it and finallyc) are a bit thick.I watched the film late on Christmas night with friends and we enjoyed it for what it is. Either you like their...
Not their best movie but entertaining enough with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Each to their own but I think that if you are an old fart or take life too seriously you are not gonna like this.
It protects the interests of its members by holding and managing these patents to defend against trolls.
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