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No loss to the android fans. They are too busy customising their phones, rooting and running custom roms to go exercise. Well, that or emos and haters. (going on the crowd that frequent Mac blogs), haha. /troll
This is why Apple make profit and Amazon turns in a loss. How are Amazon still in business???
'If' gradient didn't produce a mobile phone before 2011 called the iphone does Apple not have a case against them of 'passing off'
Ha ha ha, advice from analysts who time and time again get their predictions wrong. Not just a little wrong mind you but mindblowingly wrong. 4" - 4.3" is the sweet spot, if Apple wanted to double their sales figures they would give the phones away like Samsung/Blackberry etc do on 2for1 deals and discount handsets heavily for carriers. This of course drops Apples margins and counters any sales increases made. Assclown analysts.
Cool, he has done step 1, bought it back. Now when does he shut it down?
Take IDCs report with one gigantic pinch of salt considering neither Samsung or Amazon publish sales figures. Looking back at the recent court case between Apple and Samsung, figures released by Samsung were far far lower than any of these companies had estimated/guessed. This alone is enough to cast doubt on their report.
iMessage is actually a money maker for UK telcos due to increased data usage and overcharges. UK smartphone tariffs generally come with thousands or unlimited SMS bundles.This could that there are warehouses filled with Samsung devices which the carriers struggle to even give away. I know that on Thursday last week there were 50+ Samsung s3 handsets in stock at my local car phone warehouse vs 16 iPhone 5.
This 'beta' installs on devices which are not registered as developer devices. It is also not available as an OTA update from previous betas. Sounds like a sneaky GM release.
Big difference between getting a paper round or working part time in a shop stacking shelves or filling vegetable bags than leaving school and working full time in a sweat shop for the rest of your existence. If you can't see that then you truly are a terrible human being.
Sharp, LG and Samsung provide screens for the iPad. Sharp supply the fewest units compared to the others and were the 3rd supplier to be chosen by Apple. Stands to reason that now the holidays have passed they are no longer required for production volume.
New Posts  All Forums: