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It has a 64 colour e-ink display. that's like 8 bit computing (6 bit colour) on your wrist. Retro watch, I'm buying it for sure. /s
Lots of grumpy haters here but I have have no issues with iOS 8 either in my iPad 2 or iPhone 6 Plus. A beta program would be good, obviously they would have to put in place a system to allow you to restore you're device to pre beta format but other than that it is a good idea. I run OS X 10.10 on my macs and iOS 8.1.3 on my devices with zero issues. I work in a Microsoft world and love the fact that my home Mac world and devices are 99% trouble free
What you suggest is putting a backdoor in iOS security. Such an act would make these systems insecure and open to hackers and terrorists to abuse. Your suggestion is far worse than what Apple are doing.
Maybe he is there specifically for 'creative' types
At first glance at the bottom pic I thought that Xzibit had got a job with Apple.
Apple files a lot of patents for a lot of things that never see the light of day. Im not sure that these are any different tbh.
How big is your wrist? Either you have very slender wrists or that is a massive bit of plastic. Frankly it just looks terrible.
Good points, well made. Thank you.
Do the math, its approx 7% of a 'loss' in quoted size going from 1000 to 1024 (not really a loss but looks that way in some OS)e.g320=297500=4651000=9314TB=3.72OS X has moved to decimal now so it shows 2TB as 2TB but windows shows a 2TB disk as 1.86GB. The reason I quoted the 7% with regards to iPhone storage is that Apple quote OS X storage in decimal but iOS devices in Binary. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201402Also please refrain from childish name calling, One...
Then why ask the question ?You wanted to know why formatting shows a different size when you obviously knew.Disk space quoted at 1000GB decimal. Formatted in binary (1024 to a GB) 931GBWhy ask the question in the first place or were you just being a troll?
New Posts  All Forums: