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Wassat then? Do you sell/rent Apple costumes?
Wheres a class action lawsuit when its genuinely needed? Actually, its time for Apple to step up and roll out iOS 6 with an additional option in Facetime to enable calling over 3G after you accept the terms and conditions and accept that if you go over your data allowance it may cost you a lot of money. Then its out of the carriers hands. What would AT&T do? drop the iPhone? I think not. lol
I dont know how this: The Wall Street Journal on Thursday revealed a bit more about Apple's rumored set-top cable box Equals this: saying the unit may include an iOS-like user interface and advanced cloud-based DVR functionality that will blur the line between live and on-demand content. clickbait Its more of the same crap like the mini iPad supposedly out this fall but without a scrap of evidence. Where on the other hand we have parts from the new iPhone (which is...
At least in a full trial Apple can drag Amazon fully into this and demonstrate how this benefits the monopolist in the market.
Upgraded my 2009 iMac from Lion (Lion install was done as a clean install shortly after release).  No issues, runs nice and quick only been rebooted once since upgrade after I changed the location of my iTunes library.   No lockups/freezes or otherwise.   Macbook Pro late 2011 (SSD - HDD in Optibay) Clean install with Mountain lion.  No lockups freezes or otherwise.  battery life clocks in at 6-6.5 hours per day with 60% screen brightness.   What I...
You need to login if you are doing recovery from the internet but thats about it.
Late 2011 13" MacBook pro (with SSD) running fine with ML. Still getting around 6 - 7 hours of battery when running standard stuff, runs silent even when playing world of Warcraft.
America is bankrupt, Apple has billions, court cases raised to get Apples billions. Nothing to do with ebooks, they just want to impose a multi billion dollar fine.
Just the trolls. These are the same guys who want the colourful finder and iTunes icons back, but they want to make contacts and calendars basic grey bounding boxes.
Apple should accept this and have the courts make them essential standards and then collect megabucks. Even if they only collect 1 dollar per patent that's 4 bucks per ever single android device out there. Kerching!!!! That is far more acceptable than paying lawyers billions ON THE OTHER HAND Google have just backed up Apple in proving that these patents are unique, oops!
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