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Is this not all bullshit? They came out with this crap before the iPad (3rd gen) was released too. Sharp etc were meant to be making the screens for that too. These guys know nothing, often times less than nothing. They just want to manipulate stock prices.
  Except that nowhere does Apple provide any service level guarantee so these tits are suing for something that no one promised them.
100 bil in the bank = entitled wankers feel like they have some right to it.   With all that cash it would cost less to pay assassins, to kill all those loser money grabbing bastards, than lawyers.
I like how everyone initially points the finger at the service provider when they have been hacked.  This is right before they discover one or more of the following:   1.  Their password was their name/address/dob/password/password00/passw0rd  etc 2.  Their PC in infected or they logged onto an infected machine which grabbed their stored passwords. 3.  They logged onto a phishing site. 4.  They use their icloud account email address and same password for...
Just type Jailbreak in the iTunes search box on the US iTunes store and you will see the following:
All I can say is WTF?!?!?   Update:  WTF USA, looks like its only censored/obscured in the US iTunes store.  Its fine in the UK.
We keep a rolling 5 years of archived emails for our customers and have 10+ years for our legal customers.  These customers are miniscule compared to Apple and Samsung.
Siri doesn't look up shops etc in the UK and the wolfram result is the exact result I got by asking "what is the best smartphone ever?"
Heres what I got
I think that the backwards compatibility is far more important than a total overhaul which provides nothing new to the functionality and is only there to make Nokia and RIM money from licensing their design.
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