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And the winner for most retarded statement of the day is:
Sneaky fucking Russians
Imagine all of the money that could have been saved all round if Samsung had just apologised for ripping Apple off in the first place and changed their icons/chargers/packaging and look off their phones.
Yes. These same users are the ones who have google toolbars, ask toolbars, yahoo toolbars, bing toolbars all running in ie.If you worked in the IT industry with thousands of users you would see that the vast majority of users are complete and utter idiots who a) never read anything when installing a program and b) never question the fact that their browser has changed, only happy in that they have regained the 3 inches of screen that they previously lost to toolbars.
RT supports flash video only.
Why buy it at that price when you can get a refurb iPad 2 16GB from Apple for an extra 60 quid?
I have 3 Apple TVs and they are used every day for streaming TV shows, movies and music. They are also great for AirPlay and are used often by my friends when they show pictures or video clips from their phones as its much better than crowding round a phones screen. Even if you are invested in Googles ecosystem it's still cheaper and arguably better to use a Roku.
Excellent app. Keeps all your podcasts and podcast subscriptions together on your device. Easy to browse for and subscribe to additional podcasts too. Bonus is that it looks great on both the iPhone and iPad.
I have said this before but Apple should just tweak their Australian pricing by adding A$0.99 to every iPad. That will replace the money paid out to the Australian government.
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