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If you want a low cost tablet...  grab a refurbished iPad 2 from Apple.
The 'retina' display is superb and even though the actual desktop space is equivalent to 1440x900 you can view and edit 1080p video in full resolution but it only consumes 2/3 of the display width whereas it doesn't even fit onto a 1680x1050 screen.  The same case is made for image manipulation.     So although you have a workspace of 1440x900 it enables full scale viewing of media etc.  If you work with any image based media or just want a screen you can work with...
You are correct, they are current models. What the OP should have stated was that the 3GS and 4 are OLD, BUDGET models. Thus you should expect them to not be as feature complete as any newer models released.
erm, the cellular iPads have proper GPS chip in them.  Other iPads use WiFi for location (obviously not much good for turn by turn).
Turn by turn is only available on the iPhone 4S or newer and the iPad 2 or newer.
Apple should just increase the price of the iPhone and iPad range by A$0.99 per handset and they will recoop the cash in a few weeks.
I saw lots of people churning out the Sony laptop from 2004 as prior art but seeing at that is as fat at both ends it's nothing like the MacBook air. I would like to see this challenged in court and for Apple to win. The MacBook air benefits from the unibody design which Apple obviously spent a whack of dough on developing and why shouldn't they get paid from the copycats.
Apple need to lock down location services so that you are prompted for a pass code to enable them. This way no app can sneekily access location data without user authentication.
Here is what apple need to do to fix this: Have in place a process for registered charitable organisations to accept donations. Any app which wishes to claim donations for a charity has to prove that a) the charity is real and qualified/registered b) the donations are being sent, by Apple to the charity's bank account. Then when Apple makes its payments they pay the whole amount to the charity. Anyone else who accepts donations and is not a fully qualified registered...
Maybe Apple could buy a stake in intel and invest some dough in an intel fab so that they make the new chips for them instead of further funding Samsung.
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