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Siri doesn't look up shops etc in the UK and the wolfram result is the exact result I got by asking "what is the best smartphone ever?"
Heres what I got
I think that the backwards compatibility is far more important than a total overhaul which provides nothing new to the functionality and is only there to make Nokia and RIM money from licensing their design.
You can use a lot of those characters in windows but as soon as you use sharepoint it throws a wobbler with any extended characters.  Its a right pain in the ass when you are trying to explain to company directors that they have to remove non standard characters AND shorten file names due to the file path character limit in sharepoint too.  
Reworking reclaimed aluminium (the shavings) takes far less power than is used to produce the original aluminium.  Precision casting for liquid metal will also produce waste and require a lot of power.     It is fair to say that Apple will be weighing up the cost of processing aluminium against liquid metal and wont be moving to liquid metal until such time as the technologies and processes exist to make it economical than aluminium.
If you charge high rates for corporate tax then expect companies to move their business elsewhere. Surely 10% of xx billion dollars is better than 35% of sod all?
The whole LTE frequency setup is a mess.Australia have 1 LTE network on 1800mhz. They are looking at using 700mhz (which would be compatible) but this is currently used by analogue TV.Europe has pegged 800mhz for LTE but currently the networks have been fighting over spectrum with many carriers unable to gain access to the 800mhz spectrum (it offers far greater coverage) and will lead to spotty coverage.In the end there will be 38 flavours of LTE. It's worse than the...
    Maybe that is because there are currently NO LTE SERVICES in the UK.   Ha ha, total fail by the ASA.   I hope that they see a proof of purchase from the people levying complaints, otherwise they are open to trolling.
The artists, software distributors, publishers are all to blame. They presently price gouge for all physical goods and want digital equivalents to match these prices. The fact is that this happens in every single country around the world, it's just that the folk from oz are already getting shafted and the cost of digital downloads makes this blatantly obvious. There is no reason for physical albums to cost the same as digital ones other than greedy publishers. Until...
In other news, Microsoft makes more from Android than they do Windows Phone.
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