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I would like to see the display tech from the iPhone 5 in the iPad, that and the battery tech from the mini should make it much thinner OR give it a 15 hour battery life at the same size/weight?
When you switched to scrolling did you wait until the layout completed formatting/setting up? e.g. did you wait until the vertical dots on the right hand side all turned black and the quick scroll bar appeared?Once this completes (takes a few seconds) it is silky smooth for me. Tested on half a dozen books of between 500 and 1500 pages in length.I have no idea why Apple just don't build epub support into Preview.
Boo hoo, it lacks a discrete GPU.. Seriously, have you used any Mac running the previous HD3000 GPU? The Macbook Pro 13" flies in Mountain lion and is even faster on the HD4000. Can you play games? Yes but you wont be running them at 2560x1440 at high detail, but then again the previous model with the AMD GPU couldn't either. The HD4000 is more than capable for all of your desktop needs, christ, this is a bargain now compared to the mini solutions offered by the...
The iPad 2 is end of life and depending on sales it 'may' see a slight refresh to the lightning port and be kept for education or will be discontinued. I guess Apple will gauge this based on what schools purchase.The iPad 2 lacks the dsp used to handle voice etc for Siri.
I think that these analysts just copy and paste this pish every time Apple releases a product and Apple still manage to ship millions of units regardless. On another note, what do you think Apple has up its sleeve for March now that it has moved the tablet launches to October? March? - maybe Mac App Store and Apple software suites? June - Mac OS Sept - iPhone/iOS Oct - iPads Hardware refreshes come in all over the place for Mac and I doubt that a new Mac Pro can justify...
So in what world does antialiasing (basically what cleartype does) provide a better image than the retina display on the iPad? The retina display lets you easily read minute text as it is rendered incredibly clearly on the display. I find it hard to believe that the same is al all possible on surface. It will make an interesting experiment once I get my hands on one.
They could dip it in gold and I would still tell them to shove their android powered crap up their fkin arses.
You troll as badly as you handle the English language.
Sorry, you bought 12 months of service in April or May 2011 which ran until June 2012.If you switched to iCloud you got 25GB up until September 2012. You got more than you paid for already.
You obviously did not read the full article did you???? Otherwise you would see that this was filed in MARCH 2011 and the Nokia phones are not even out yet, not to mention that the Palm Pre already had inductive charging (without sync tho).Maybe you were just trolling?
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