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How is safari on the iPad Air 2? It was useless on the previous beta with bits of web pages not loading or bits of previous pages breaking through.
They require a software update to accept Apple Pay as an ID checked payment type rather than a standard contact less payment. Once this is rolled out the limit is removed for Apple Pay.
Just the cost of doing business with the music companies.
Apple don't provide the streaming, they just offer the application and collect the revenue for Spotify.The rumours are that neither Hulu or Netflix pay anywhere near the 30% (or anything at all) as they add value to Apple devices and Apple want them on their platforms. If Spotify have a bee in their bonnet about paying Apple then they should stop supporting iOS and OS X and pull their apps to create negative feedback from customers towards Apple.This may or may not work...
Rather pathetic how some posters on this forum take glee in the suffering of others.
'USA National debt as % of GDP is 105.06% you actually have a higher debt per capita than Greece.http://www.statista.com/statistics/264647/national-debt-of-selected-countries-in-relation-to-gross-domestic-product-gdp/
Apple are charging the same as other services but are paying higher royalties so have a worse deal than other services. Spotify etc do not need to sell their subscription through the APP but can offer the APP with the free service and do what Amazon Prime video does which is have a banner stating how do I get the premium access visit our website for details. Don't post a URL or anything just have that statement. Problem solved. It must be difficult to be a successful...
Yep, that's why I'm using my iPad, well after a tryout I'm going back to 8.4 as mail is all over the place and it's all a bit too 'janky'Split screen stuff is good and i will be looking forward to the final release.
Bit of lag here and there on iPad Air 2 and although page reloading in Safari is much better with sites like the verge it's a bit jerky when scrolling longer pages like this forum thread, especially if you zoom or scale the page. I have a backup to drop back to if it annoys me but I won't be updating my 6plus anytime soon.
New Posts  All Forums: