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4K is a stopgap, they are dumping sets on the market to clear them because 8k sets and content are just round the corner. It's like buying an HD ready 720p set with a component connector when full HD 1080p sets are a few months away.
Optical doesn't support 7.1 audio so why not just move to HDMI only.
By the time 4K is relevant your LG set will probably be broken.
You can roll a jobby in glitter but it's still a jobby.
Why are they not suing ARM?
Loads of text for: "Touch the back to "app" text in the top left" Do you guys write for ITV news? PMSL
Nice photo, but why is the guy sunbathing with his clothes on?
They should test it in soda or some other syrupy drink rather than water as it causes damage faster than plain water. Previous models have been tested in plain water and last long enough to make it look like they provide water resistance but later fail I would suggest that this is the case with the 6S.
As part of the procedure of rolling out new desktops for our business clients we install ad blockers and also block these via content filtering on client firewalls too. In business, web adverts are just too big a security risk for PC users, we have seen many fall prey to zero day exploits that were injected via adverts on reputable websites. I do think that Apple should have asked the developers of ad blockers to provide an option to opt in for adverts when you visit a...
New Posts  All Forums: