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Apple are charging the same as other services but are paying higher royalties so have a worse deal than other services. Spotify etc do not need to sell their subscription through the APP but can offer the APP with the free service and do what Amazon Prime video does which is have a banner stating how do I get the premium access visit our website for details. Don't post a URL or anything just have that statement. Problem solved. It must be difficult to be a successful...
Yep, that's why I'm using my iPad, well after a tryout I'm going back to 8.4 as mail is all over the place and it's all a bit too 'janky'Split screen stuff is good and i will be looking forward to the final release.
Bit of lag here and there on iPad Air 2 and although page reloading in Safari is much better with sites like the verge it's a bit jerky when scrolling longer pages like this forum thread, especially if you zoom or scale the page. I have a backup to drop back to if it annoys me but I won't be updating my 6plus anytime soon.
Haha, the selfie scene, pmsl.
But if you don't have iTunes Match why would you think that you could go deleting your own music and then redownload it when you are not paying for that service? Apple Music doesn't advertise this as a feature unlike iTunes Match.If you delete and then redownload your iTunes purchases do these remain DRM free?
I already subscribed to iTunes Match and now Apple Music. All working as expected, I can redownload my iTunes matched library (without DRM) with no issues.
OK, we have 4 iTunes accounts. 1 Primary account with iTunes Match (mine) 3 accounts for individual mail and contacts (wife and kids) They are all family members under the primary account and I have signed up for the Apple Music family trial and Apple Music works fine on my devices. On the other devices belonging to my wife and kids when you go into Apple Music it asks you to sign up for the trial and then requires payment details rather than just enabling Apple Music...
Do those companies pay for the content used in the free trial period and if so can you cite examples?
Well, if they can't pay the artists and offer it for free due to antitrust can't they do the following: For every customer who uses the free trial and then subscribes, pay the artists for all of the tracks which were paid during that users trial. Then it's a deferred payment from that paying customers usage? Anyway, I don't see what the issue is, it's a one time 3 month trial then it's subscription only. It's not like spottily where you can just chain free trials using...
New Posts  All Forums: