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tried it on 3 iPhones and it did sod all
no pink background so its probably a stock render of the 5s front tbh. I don't doubt that the 5C will get touch ID eventually though. Just read the later comments and yep, they fixed it.
What do you use to run your VM's?I run VMWare Fusion and it has an option to ignore the retina display and displays it as if you display is non retina.
If it is implemented correctly and not done on a budget or by an imbecile Skype for Business (formerly Lync) is a great product.
Welcome to 2015 Sir !!
Like the Terminator said "It's in your nature to destroy yourselves" Just look at the UK they vote out the coalition with what is effectively the NAZI party. I hope the asteroid hits soon, we have proved that we don't actually deserve to be here.
I'm in the UK too and I setup an American iTunes account and loaded it up with American gift cards. I use unblock us to fool it into letting me subscribe to Hulu and HBO and also use American Netflix. I hardly watch any UK broadcast TV these days.
The solution is simple, just don't offer in-app purchases.
They missed out the part of how their mastery of electricity burns out the accelerometer. Or their mastery of memory. Hahah Fast charge mode on the edge cooks the accelerometer. Memory isn't freed up after closing apps so it eventually slows down and requires a reboot.
I owned a Surface Pro 3 for a week and it was great. Unfortunately it was no good to me as I need to carry a Mac with me so I couldn't find a role for it. If Apple made a Mac/iPad like that I would buy it in a heartbeat (I would have kept it if it was able to run OS X fully). On the plus side I sold it on and used the proceeds to buy an Apple watch.
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