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Trust me, I have one and once it's in and closed it doesn't move at all.
The watch does not rattle around inside the box, it is held by two lined grooves. The box itself is lined with felt and made from dense polycarbonate and feels really good.
It's a bit pricy, if you already own an electric guitar you could pick up Rocksmith for the Mac or console of your choice along with the realtone cable for around $60 with the obvious benefit of playing on a real guitar.
If Apple wanted to help the environment they should also buy back the stripped land and replant them, returning the lost forests.
Are they taking the piss? You could rattle a stand out of a bit of wood in 2 mins to hold a phone, tablet and watch in 2 minutes for way less than this crap. Seriously, you could get a bit of wood plus a hand tool and boom you are done. Plus others out there have far better looking bits of kit for less.
I don't know much about the area but don't you think they will likely choose a name to do with health and or fitness?
Yes, the user risks anal tearing when I ram the selfie stick up their ass!
I, and my classmates, made pictures like this in Primary School some 30 odd years ago and kids still make pictures like that today.
I didn't say it was a bad thing, but you pretty much cover what I couldn't be bothered to type
This seems to be the way Apple have been treating their software recently. Release new versions, add back missing features from previous versions then add new features.
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