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Initially had .Mac, transitioned to MobileMe without a hitch upgraded to a MobileMe family account. Transitioned from MobileMe to iCloud again without a hitch, the 5 MobileMe accounts became 1 25GB iCloud account and 4 5GB accounts. All i did for a smooth transition was made sure everything was ok in the cloud and reset up the sync on my devices. Everything has been working perfectly across all 5 accounts and over all 16 attached devices between the accounts with the...
BOSE..... Hahahahahaha... Seriously......hahahaha..... Never going to improve ANY audio experience.
3 units all updated without a hitch. The unit in my living room gets used for about 5-6 hours per evening for streaming shows and airplay. It's pretty much been bulletproof.
Tried out their Here maps on my 5 and they are dire. Did a side by side with Apple Maps and Google Maps and the Nokia service is terrible, no detail satellite maps for my location and no POI's. I will stick to the Apple Maps and Co-Pilot for navigation thanks. Deleted and 1 starred in the App store now.
Windows 8 is a dud on desktop and its made a cluster**k of windows server 2012 too.
Microsoft and the others have adequate protection from Android handset makers (Microsoft even collect royalties from them). All of the Rockstar partners have agreements in place to utilise the patents but Apple needs to move them into their own portfolio to better counter Samsung who are trying to leverage their own LTE patents against Apple.
Without actual published sales figures you can take this 'clickbait' article and wipe your arse with it.
Sell high then drive the price down by saying that although Apple did record profit it's all shit. Buy at the new low price and drive the price back up by loving the new shinies sales figures. Same routine they go through every launch/quarter.
So, you don't like the iOS 6 implementation of iTunes Match which is fair enough, it works fine for me but im not anal anout micromanaging music on my device. And, 17 seconds to load TWO HUNDRED entries (which are then cached) is too slow?? You should probably cut back on the caffeine there buddy.I bet you are the kind of person who has a freak out when the Internet drops out for more than 10 seconds.9 secs on my iPad after force quitting and relaunching so that it has to...
It loads pretty quickly on my iPad considering that it populates two 100 item lists rather than only loading the first 25. And what's your beef with iTunes Match? It works fine across my 10 authorised devices with 6,900 songs its a steal at £20 a year. (4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 macs and 2 PC's not to mention streaming to 3 Apple TVs)
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