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Do those companies pay for the content used in the free trial period and if so can you cite examples?
Well, if they can't pay the artists and offer it for free due to antitrust can't they do the following: For every customer who uses the free trial and then subscribes, pay the artists for all of the tracks which were paid during that users trial. Then it's a deferred payment from that paying customers usage? Anyway, I don't see what the issue is, it's a one time 3 month trial then it's subscription only. It's not like spottily where you can just chain free trials using...
So, they stay off for the initial global 3 month trial and go live at the end of September. No biggie.
Who are Rdio? A U.S. Centric service? Who cares, Apple are taking their service to 100 countries day one.
Could be a replacement for onenote on my iPhone/iPad and macs.
That was a bit of an own goal, haha
Probably because of Sling TV but mostly because of the clicks the article will get. If you have ever watched The Big Lebowski, Appleinsider is like Walter, everything has something to do with Nam, or in the case of Appleinsider, to do with Apple.
I have always wondered why Apple have never picked up a TV/Movie Studio along the way. They could easily snap up Sony Pictures and have access to a massive back catalogue of TV and movie content plus ongoing and future productions.
Apple should let users have one iCloud backup per device and exclude this from the 5GB data allowance. I also think that they should force every user to enable 2 step authentication too and not allow them to use any storage unless they do.
Exactly, it's the employee who is in the wrong until proven otherwise. There have been changed in UK law to allow employers to pursue ex employees for 'stealing' company data, not sure how US law covers this but we have been called upon to provide full records of email and file transactions for court cases.If you work in the UK you are opening yourself to prosecution should you be found to be using a previous employers data, in general it's more of a moral issue and if you...
New Posts  All Forums: