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This seems to be the way Apple have been treating their software recently. Release new versions, add back missing features from previous versions then add new features.
Going on the pervious form of these soothsayers research companies i will wait till Apple releases real figures on the 27th.
There are two sets of Apple Watches in the store, those for try ins and the interactive kiosk models. The tryout models are in an demo loop so that you can feel the taptic engine at work whilst you check out the watches and straps for size. This makes sense as you only have a short period to try them on and they do t want to get bogged down with punters dicking about on the watch.Once you are finished with the try on appointment the staff suggest you go and play with an...
I ordered the Apple Watch SS 42mm with sport band at 8.01am on my way to the store to try out the different bands. It wasn't especially busy at the store in Edinburgh and there was only about half a dozen people ahead of me in the queue at 9am. I got a try on appointment for 930 and they had the black sport model in the drawer plus the Apple Watch with each of the band types. I tried on the link bracelet for size and they adjusted it to my wrist size by removing 3 links....
This is a pointless fluff piece. Broadcasters and along with movies and music are already regulated therefore Apple need only comply with these rules. The App Store is operated by Apple and its fairly sensible of them to avoid any grey areas regarding what is and is not classed as pornography by having a restriction on any and all apps which could be perceived as porn.
Non issue for me as all of my Macs are relatively new, with the 5K iMac being my latest purchase. I couldn't go back to ML or Lion and lose out on the integration with iOS devices etc. Its a bit harsh if you are rocking yesteryear hardware though.
It would be interesting to know which iPhones they used with the Apple Watch as I would imagine that alone could have a bearing on how well certain apps work.
So your solution is to do nothing? Head in the sand and hope it goes away? Move to a gated community, away from the peasants?
Lets agree to disagree, some people are not fit to keep dogs let alone children and if the state doesn't look out for them now they will be stealing cars and mugging people 10 years from now. Its the next best thing to chemical castration /s
Whether it's an app downloaded by the parents or a broadcast channel someone has to look out for the kids. You have to take into account the fact that there are a lot of ignorant parents out there that will just sit their kid down in front of the TV or tablet etc and use it as a babysitter. So, for content aimed at kids, there should be full and total oversight without exception. This is where companies like Google should be leading by example rather than being out to...
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