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Non issue for me as all of my Macs are relatively new, with the 5K iMac being my latest purchase. I couldn't go back to ML or Lion and lose out on the integration with iOS devices etc. Its a bit harsh if you are rocking yesteryear hardware though.
It would be interesting to know which iPhones they used with the Apple Watch as I would imagine that alone could have a bearing on how well certain apps work.
So your solution is to do nothing? Head in the sand and hope it goes away? Move to a gated community, away from the peasants?
Lets agree to disagree, some people are not fit to keep dogs let alone children and if the state doesn't look out for them now they will be stealing cars and mugging people 10 years from now. Its the next best thing to chemical castration /s
Whether it's an app downloaded by the parents or a broadcast channel someone has to look out for the kids. You have to take into account the fact that there are a lot of ignorant parents out there that will just sit their kid down in front of the TV or tablet etc and use it as a babysitter. So, for content aimed at kids, there should be full and total oversight without exception. This is where companies like Google should be leading by example rather than being out to...
If you watch his Instagram clip it looks like the 42mm in gold
There is less than a week, till preorders open, I stopped reading after they couldn't even get that right.
Do you no longer provide links to the source anymore?
I didn't think I would be but I am genuinely excited about getting an Apple Watch. I'm going to the Apple Store on Friday to try out the bands for size and then get my pre-order placed. I just wish that they had more hands on videos out for consumption. (I know that these will be a bazillion vids out after the 24th but I will have it then and will be too busy trying it out)
Pretty impressed with Office Lens. Took some shots of various things including whiteboards and it does a really good job and pops them into Onenote. I have a Microsoft account so I appreciate all of these apps they throw out for free.
New Posts  All Forums: