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Does anyone know if Apple have started taking appointments yet for the 10th? I want to try out the SS link and SS Milanese loop versions.
Lots of blah blah blah for what is essentially the poorest performing Mac on sale at a price higher than the Airs. I hope that Apple stay away from these 'atom' CPUs in future. No one wants netbook Macs
During this period I used safari on iPad iphone and multiple macs, where do I sign up?
In the keynote they said "force sensors read a wide range of pressure from the lightest tap to the deepest press" this was shown when signing your signature on the trackpad as it picked up how hard you were pressing.
Curry and PC world have the most uneducated tech staff ever. Plus on more than one occasion they have been selling older model Macs at the same price as new models hoping the punters don't notice.
Things are getting desperate..
What a prick. I hope, but seriously doubt anything will be done to this prick.
Probably because it's the 'spring forward' event, you know, time to change the clocks.
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