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I asked an expert in the field of household appliances (my wife :P) what make of vacuum cleaner that was in the picture (I covered up the samsung logo). She immediately said, Dyson. Nice, more 'passing off' by Samsung.
this has to be a fake, even Samsung would punt that crap out....would they??
Googles apps and services are free? Of a monetary charge to the user, yes. But what about your data and metrics???
Every year these clowns print pish like this and every year apple ship. Me thinks it be clickbait yaaar
Nice work by the US Justice Department, they just made 'dumping' legal.
Maybe Apple are just screwing with Samsung hoping to see them copy and release a line of day glow galaxy S4.
The beta runs fine on iPhone 4/4S. Set it up as a new phone and do not restore any backup and you will have no battery issues. Most of he animations and transparencies are missing on the 4 but no surprise there to be honest.
For a first beta it runs super slick and fast on my iPhone 5. It was a bit jarring at first but after using it for a day I really love it. Going to see how we'll it runs on 4/4S at the weekend. Looks MUCH better on my white 5 than on my black one though.
Its actually a reverse palindrome or Semordnilap.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semordnilap#Semordnilaps
If the patent is invalidated then Google are going to be due Apple a huuuuge bag of cash.
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