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Sell high then drive the price down by saying that although Apple did record profit it's all shit. Buy at the new low price and drive the price back up by loving the new shinies sales figures. Same routine they go through every launch/quarter.
So, you don't like the iOS 6 implementation of iTunes Match which is fair enough, it works fine for me but im not anal anout micromanaging music on my device. And, 17 seconds to load TWO HUNDRED entries (which are then cached) is too slow?? You should probably cut back on the caffeine there buddy.I bet you are the kind of person who has a freak out when the Internet drops out for more than 10 seconds.9 secs on my iPad after force quitting and relaunching so that it has to...
It loads pretty quickly on my iPad considering that it populates two 100 item lists rather than only loading the first 25. And what's your beef with iTunes Match? It works fine across my 10 authorised devices with 6,900 songs its a steal at £20 a year. (4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 macs and 2 PC's not to mention streaming to 3 Apple TVs)
Microsoft exec makes click bait comment regarding their jack of all trades but master of none tablet?
No issues with iMessage since beta. I maintain around a dozen conversation threads with friends and family throughout the day on my Macs, iPhone and iPad. Only time I use SMS is to non iOS users and when I have no data signal (not very often). Saying that, I think that at the time of the outage I would have been asleep (in the UK)
8GB (6ish useable) is insufficient these days, 16GB is a minimum (14ish useable). A video (my HD movies average 2.7GB in size but these are also served to iPads and Apple TV's in 720p) a few albums and a couple of apps (most modern games are 300mb -1GB these days) is all you are going to get on the touch with 8GB. Of course, Apple know this, thats why storage starts at 16GB.
You are aware that Apple sell the 4th Gen iPod touch for $199 with 16GB or $249 with 32GB
I would like to see the display tech from the iPhone 5 in the iPad, that and the battery tech from the mini should make it much thinner OR give it a 15 hour battery life at the same size/weight?
When you switched to scrolling did you wait until the layout completed formatting/setting up? e.g. did you wait until the vertical dots on the right hand side all turned black and the quick scroll bar appeared?Once this completes (takes a few seconds) it is silky smooth for me. Tested on half a dozen books of between 500 and 1500 pages in length.I have no idea why Apple just don't build epub support into Preview.
Boo hoo, it lacks a discrete GPU.. Seriously, have you used any Mac running the previous HD3000 GPU? The Macbook Pro 13" flies in Mountain lion and is even faster on the HD4000. Can you play games? Yes but you wont be running them at 2560x1440 at high detail, but then again the previous model with the AMD GPU couldn't either. The HD4000 is more than capable for all of your desktop needs, christ, this is a bargain now compared to the mini solutions offered by the...
New Posts  All Forums: