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I didn't think I would be but I am genuinely excited about getting an Apple Watch. I'm going to the Apple Store on Friday to try out the bands for size and then get my pre-order placed. I just wish that they had more hands on videos out for consumption. (I know that these will be a bazillion vids out after the 24th but I will have it then and will be too busy trying it out)
Pretty impressed with Office Lens. Took some shots of various things including whiteboards and it does a really good job and pops them into Onenote. I have a Microsoft account so I appreciate all of these apps they throw out for free.
Apple and Ive would point out that you are opening the box wrong. The packaging is designed to be opened by holding the top of the box and lifting whilst the lower part slips out, slowly, teasing you, till it drops from the upper onto your desk/table.Me, I think you are correct, it's a bit daft but hey, that's Apple.
The S6 is still petty powerful and outperforms the iPhones in offscreen benchmarks. But when you look at the clock speed differences you have to ask at almost double the CPU speed why is the performance gain so little.
I have a SP3 and it is an especially nice bit of kit. I just wish I didn't have to carry around my MBP otherwise I would use the surface as my daily driver. The SP3 and Onenote are possibly the best things Microsoft have done.
I got a free surface pro 3 i5 8gb last week and I would love something similar from Apple. I had doubts about the form factor but it works really well. Unfortunately it's not much use to me as I need a Mac for some essential applications so there is little point carrying both around with me. An iPad of that size and power running full OS X would be an insta buy for me.
It's a smaller die on broadwell and low power 5w on the M series. It's not out performing the Haswell range, that will come later this year with skylake. If you want a thermally limited lower power cpu than the previous gen Airs then this is for you.
I just think that its a bit pricey for a low end CPU (its a mobile chip 1 step up from atom) but I suppose its fine for browsing and basic office tasks.
Does anyone know if Apple have started taking appointments yet for the 10th? I want to try out the SS link and SS Milanese loop versions.
Lots of blah blah blah for what is essentially the poorest performing Mac on sale at a price higher than the Airs. I hope that Apple stay away from these 'atom' CPUs in future. No one wants netbook Macs
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