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They could dip it in gold and I would still tell them to shove their android powered crap up their fkin arses.
You troll as badly as you handle the English language.
Sorry, you bought 12 months of service in April or May 2011 which ran until June 2012.If you switched to iCloud you got 25GB up until September 2012. You got more than you paid for already.
You obviously did not read the full article did you???? Otherwise you would see that this was filed in MARCH 2011 and the Nokia phones are not even out yet, not to mention that the Palm Pre already had inductive charging (without sync tho).Maybe you were just trolling?
I wouldn't take a Motorola phone if it was gold plated and encrusted with diamonds. Complete pieces of crap. They do serve one purpose now though, they are a millstone around Googles neck.
I always found the maps on the iPhone fun to mess around with for 5 minutes but I always fallback to the co-pilot satnav app which always gets me to my destination without a hitch. Google may have more POI's but when their POI's are in the wrong place they become pointless. For example, the Apple Maps have the correct location for our local CEF but google has it 3 doors down from me on my street? wtf.
Prior art in this case would be the patent Application APPLE!! made in March 2011, months before the Nexus was released. Do you not read the articles and just jump in with trolling comments??
Apple could easily bring in an iPad Mini/Nano between the iPod and existing iPad 3rd Gen, they just need to drop the iPad 2. Then the product line would be as follows FROM MARCH 2013 iPod Shuffle $49 iPod Nano $149 iPod Touch (4th Gen) 16GB $199 / 32GB $249 iPod Touch (5th Gen) 16GB $299 / 32GB $399 iPad Mini 16GB $399 - Justify price by using retina display resolution 2048x1536 326ppi. A5X chip iPad (retina) 16GB $499 / 32GB $599 / 64GB $699 A6 chip Of course,...
LOL, only 1 model out of the 4 Samsung Galaxy SIII phones has a quad core CPU. The Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile version all have dual core CPUs On top of that not a single one of those 4 outperforms the 4S on graphics.
I bet that, as a kid, you were always looking for bigger and better bunches of shiny keys to play with too? amaright?oooh, look at da shiny shiny, look at da shiny shiny....
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