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It's like piracy without jailbreaking. Now there are no reasons left to jailbreak. Haha
If Alexey is short of cash he can just sell all of the iTunes accounts of those using his hack.
Reasons why you are wrong:1. The iPad will never sell, its just a big iPod touch.2. iPhone 4 sales figures will drop due to the delay in releasing a new iPhone.3. The iPhone 4S will not sell, its just too similar to the iPhone 4.You seem to think that parts of the world have fallen in love with huge screens?? Please list the devices which have sold over 10 million units at launch with a screen larger than the iPhone?
And Apple will have clocked up around 120 million iPhones by then, what's your point?
Before mankind "got organised" the planet earth used to have ice ages on a regular cycle. Once man started farming crops this stopped the ice ages by warming the planet through changes in the atmosphere. Now, that being so, there is no way back to the natural cycle other than to remove all of mankind. Whether we burn fuel or otherwise it will make zero difference to the planet as long as we have cultivation of crops and animals. I have no support for green peace unless...
Here you have one side of a story. They have no idea if Apple had also been testing technology from Audience or others during this period. Until that is made clear then you can't side with either party unless noise free can prove that their exact algorithm was used on the iPhone.
And the winner for most retarded statement of the day is:
Sneaky fucking Russians
Imagine all of the money that could have been saved all round if Samsung had just apologised for ripping Apple off in the first place and changed their icons/chargers/packaging and look off their phones.
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