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I'm in the UK, all devices (iPhone 5S, 5, 5, 4S, iPad 2,3,4,mini) all show the correct time on the calendar line and position. All devices configured for auto set time zone etc. Don't know if they were showing this correct yesterday, if they were not then they are now though.
I would imagine that someone at Apple found a way to have it animated with little to no overhead otherwise it would be static.
Apple should remove his update package then tell the guy to have a coke and a smile and shut the f*ck up
Samsung: An electronics company with neither morals, humility or a sense of fair play. They built their company on the endeavours of others and to the detriment of all, basically a parasite.
I think that you will find that 95% of that is made up of game assets (audio/textures etc) and the rest is code.
I asked an expert in the field of household appliances (my wife :P) what make of vacuum cleaner that was in the picture (I covered up the samsung logo). She immediately said, Dyson. Nice, more 'passing off' by Samsung.
this has to be a fake, even Samsung would punt that crap out....would they??
Googles apps and services are free? Of a monetary charge to the user, yes. But what about your data and metrics???
Every year these clowns print pish like this and every year apple ship. Me thinks it be clickbait yaaar
Nice work by the US Justice Department, they just made 'dumping' legal.
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