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Can't wait. Now that I'm approaching 40, married with 2 kids its just another opportunity to spoil them with new gaming tech and at the same time let me get my hands on it too. Too old for games!?! GTFO
I don't think PC users can even see those characters can they? They would just see lots of squares?
That seriously sounds like the boilerplate response we got from our Fujitsu sales guy who wanted us to take windows 8 on a 50 desktop order. We laughed soooo hard in his face, Not one of those reasons is good enough to move from windows 7. And don't even mention windows server 2012 jeeesus...
Sense of crisis Imminent shelling from the North would do that.
This is basically a modern console version of the GP2x http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GP2X Open source means emulators, homebrew and of course piracy. I dont expect many developers to survive on this platform as it wont be long before every game is available for free and with hacks to remove ingame purchases etc.
It's about time Apple upped its filtering. I noticed a dramatic decrease in spam on iCloud over the last couple of weeks after the recent massive increase in spam.
I seriously doubt that Apple has ANYTHING to do with these retailers. Sounds more like these guys are paying a large wad of cash to AI for the advertising.
The carriers just want access to platforms they can control so they can screw more cash from subscribers.
Thanks Samsung for making this a reality
Wow, this article makes a lot of 'leaps' and adds a hell of a lot of fantasy between the lines. Can I get those 5 minutes of my life back please. It appears DED opened his mouth and let his belly rumble again.
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