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Well 2 options here for Apple. 1. Sort out the conditions. 2. Price cut across their product range to reflect the discounts they are getting by paying these factories peanuts. I would go for option 2
Cool, the return of B-sides.
As noted by many iPhone users and those running 3.0b5 the wwdc 2009 quicktime stream did not work until they updated to 3.0GM. Last year this was the same with both the special event in september and the wwdc keynote before it all rtsp streams. I ended up waiting and downloading them through itunes.
You were unable to stream Apple keynotes before OS3.0. When you tried to launch the stream manually you would get an unsupported media error. And if you tried to load it from the site you would see a link icon that the iPhone would not let you select.The WWDC keynote this year was the first that I was able to access and only after putting the 3.0GM (which supports html streaming) on my iPhone.
Im sorry but a whole host of posts stating 'ME TOO' does not constitute any proof whatsoever. Even AI have now stated 'we got it too' without any images or proof. So, until these 'others' with discolored iPhones take and post images of their phones it will remain a single incident in France from a website called nowhere else. (ironic)Lazy reporting is responsible for the original threads. There has even been threads started by someone looking on the Apple site and...
Why should they? Because you say so? Get over yourself. Apple are not about to become a beige box shifter. As I stated before Apple are the only PC company showing growth whilst other firms are slipping.
Anyone? Hardly. As documented by many sites it takes a fair bit of tweaking to get it all working and it is NEVER bug free.
Maybe you should go off and play bonnie with your windows 7 system then?I am sure Apple are managing fine without your business. Oh, wait. Yes they are. The only PC company to show growth in a time of recession.If I had spent millions on an OS and hardware design (remember Apple use NO OFF THE SHELF MOTHERBOARDS) and some little prick company came along and started to release clones of my kit I would use a small amount of the billions in the bank to give them a pair of...
Apart from the fact that you get no support for the OS or hardware especially when psystar goes tits up. I can just imagine the calls to Apple supportSupport rep: May I take your serial number?Fool that bought the psystar PC: Erm, its a Psystar..Support rep: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL click.
Get it replaced.I have a 2G iPhone, a 3G iPhone and now the 3GS. The 3G is black and a will be a year old on the 11th of July. Its in mint condition with no scratches cracks or otherwise. I have a 32GB white 3GS and the only time it ever felt warm was after I transferred 23GB of data onto it.I have recorded video for 60 minutes straight and it feels warm but no where as warm as my Sony K770i gets after making a 15 minute call.The only issue I have ever had with any of...
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