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Lets face it, if you want real porn on the iphone you would hit up sites like pornhub in safari. These little apps are really only targeting young boys and that is reason enough to ban them.
Flash a CPU hog? Well, fucking DUH! Ask anyone who knows how computers work and they will tell you that 'yes' flash eats CPU cycles like a fat kid swallows twinkies. Try browsing the web on a netbook. It's fine until you hit a site with flash then boom, slow crap.
HTC Hero best handset/mobile device. LMAO
In this day and age does anyone (apart from those with crappy feature phones and no other choice) use Opera on a mobile handset? Apple, Nokia, Google, Samsung and others are now building their browsers around webkit. Looks like this is one last gasp for Opera in the mobile browser market.
Well, it looks different from the iPhone, which is no bad thing. Hard to tell how it will run from some slides but it looks pretty good. I have 2 mobiles, one for personal use (iphone 3gs) and one for work (LG). I quite fancy replacing the work phone with a new win 7 handset if even just for Xbox Live.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
Big whoop, Apple are a high profile company, due to this it makes news when someone sues them for patent infringement. Like most other large companies they always have many many law suits ongoing and most end up being thrown out.
This firmware update improves battery performance of the 2009 Aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard when used in combination with other bluetooth devices (eg. Magic Mouse, some bluetooth headsets). 2009 Aluminium Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0 available through software update or this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1003
We use VMWare Fusion with out corporate customers and it works perfectly. We use the entire range of VMWare virtualisation tools and at this time Parallels is of no interest to our customers. Having used both VMWare 3 and Parallels 5 on an quad core xeon and dual quad core (nehalem) MacPro there is little performance difference however Fusion has proved far more stable in our lab tests where we have multiple xp clients running along with a server 2008 vm for...
The handset needs to be unlocked to work with the tethering profile, otherwise the tethering option disappears entirely. Of course this is no biggie in the UK as its free to unlock the iPhone at anytime with O2.
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