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All Apple need to do is include an adaptor which has a Female mini usb on one side and dock connector on the other. Then just pack it in with a mini usb cable. This way you can use the adaptor with any compatible mini usb charger.
Come on, no one says Rocky i i (eye eye) Rocky i i i (eye eye eye) Rocky iv (eye vee) Rocky v (vee) lol
If you listen really carefully you can hear the screams and the crying of the iPhone 3GS as it watches its brother being torn limb from limb..
There have been a lot of iPhone 2G users noting that since 3.0 they no longer receive inbound calls. This seems to be caused by the new push services setting up a data connection to the phone and blocking calls. After testing this with my old iPhone one of the biggest culprits seems to be Find My iPhone. If this is enabled the phone is unable to receive any inbound calls and calls go straight to voicemail. I turned off Find My iPhone and tested again and...
This update addresses incompatibilities between Safari 4.0 and certain features in iPhoto '09, including Places and Facebook publishing. 43.8MB update from Software Update. Requires restart.
They have sold 40 Million iPod touches and iPhones (combined figure) by June 09. iPhones (original & 3G) 21.6 Million sold so thats less than 19 million touches sold. 180 million iPods sold worldwide as of Q4 2008 and is now approaching 200 million.
Quiet news day? Storm in a teacup? Apple has always held this stance regarding 3rd party interoperability. It doesn't single out any one device on the web page as there are many MP3 devices which work in some fashion with iTunes. I am sure there is also a page regarding using the iPod and iPhone with other devices which states they cannot guarantee that it will continue to work when they do device updates. Apparently this was targeted at Microsoft for the Xbox...
Thats the data speed over USB 2.0 The fastest USB flash drives only get to around 30MB/s with most doing anywhere between 8 and 24MB/s. An external HDD can get up to around 40MB/s on USB.
Its a joke... Vapourware As in The morro never comes (best said in a scottish accent)
Without any examples you are making yourself look like a foolish Microsoft fan girl.
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