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Seriously some posters here are complete drama queens. Why fuckabout with all the connections just buy a desktop to compliment your macbook.
LMAO Did he burn his cock off? Woulda served him right.
Same here with my quad i5 iMac. Well apart from it burning my eyes out with its awesome brightness. LOL
why not try downloading VLC from videolan.org for free. This provides dvd playback and has more options for playback size etc.
Picked up my 27" i5 iMac this week from the Apple Store in Glasgow. I got it as a replacement for my 24" iMac (3.06ghz 4GB RAM) and the difference in size on my desk is staggering. It didn't look at all bigger in the Apple store but now it is in place on my desk where the 24" iMac once stood I have had to move stuff around on the desk to make space for it. I guess the high ceilings and open space in the Apple store hide its actual size. Performance: I got the stock...
Probably because windows mobile is shite and years out of date. It has really only lasted so long due to the effort HTC has put into hiding it behind their custom interface.
To get an iMac delivered by Christmas you had to order by the 12th of December. On the 13th of December Apple changed the shipping dates to '2 weeks' which reflects the earlier cut off date for Christmas. As it stands you can walk into an Apple store and buy a 27" iMac, what you cannot do is get them from resellers as Apple are not supplying them and are holding stock for their own online sales and stores.
OR The failure rate is within the industry standard of 3%. Apple resellers have not been told that the delay is because of a technical problem with the 27" displays. Its a supply chain issue and as always Apple sees to their own online sales and stores before supplying resellers. This is a case of resellers bumping their gums because Apple have failed to supply them with kit and won't be making any great effort to supply them until the new year. Me, I walked into an...
cool, thx. I was wanting to push this baby to the limit to see just what it can do
I have a 27" iMac i5. What the best/coolest app to run to show the power of the quad core cpu off?
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