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That would be the iPhone
You obviously do not recall Sonys failed music store Sony Connect which they axed in 2007. The final nail in the coffin for Sony Connect was the launch of the Japanese iTunes store which achieved more sales in its first hour of business than Sony could manage in a month. Sony may seem like a huge company but in reality Sony is comprised of many smaller segments which just don't know how to get on with each other. This has been one of the reasons for their inability to...
nice. That told em
They are not launching zune. It's a REBRAND of their existing video rental store which already exists on the 360. The only new element is instant on 1080p streaming and the addition of the zune name. Big whoop. Their prices are still crap and it's still way better value to rent blurays either from a store or via mail. You can buy the retail DVD for about the same price they charge for a rental of an HD movie on the 360. (in the UK at least)
What games was he playing? Were they the same or similar games to those he has on the DS/PSP? The reason that I ask is that myself, my wife and our 2 sons all play games on our iPhones and Touch and have no issues with the controls. Perhaps it is the games he has been playing, which would not be too surprising as there is a lot of shovelware on the iPhone which shoehorn in generic crap controls. Since getting the kids iPhones they have stopped playing their DS and PSP...
erm, its when you boot from the install DVD and then after booting you select the Disk Util from the tools menu and erase your hard drive prior to installing the OS. (of course you may wish to back all your documents and personal files before doing this) What does it do that a regular install does not? Well, for starters it only installs the OS. It doesn't have to deal with any pre-existing software on your system and is the best way to 'fix' a troublesome...
Personally, working in IT, your problems all point to user error.
Not really a reason to buy it now then. Any window mount will put your iphone 3G or 3GS in the perfect place for an excellent signal and for a tiny fraction of the cost.
All the naysayers stated that Apple wouldn't make an iPhone for the Chinese market and their variant of CDMA but they did. Whats to stop them from adding Verizon as an iPhone carrier? Especially if Apples accountants reckon that they can make more money by being with AT&T and Verizon.
This was surely bound to happen at some point. Exclusive deals are fine when launching a product but will ultimately hurt sales growth over time.
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