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Big whoop, Apple are a high profile company, due to this it makes news when someone sues them for patent infringement. Like most other large companies they always have many many law suits ongoing and most end up being thrown out.
This firmware update improves battery performance of the 2009 Aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard when used in combination with other bluetooth devices (eg. Magic Mouse, some bluetooth headsets). 2009 Aluminium Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0 available through software update or this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1003
We use VMWare Fusion with out corporate customers and it works perfectly. We use the entire range of VMWare virtualisation tools and at this time Parallels is of no interest to our customers. Having used both VMWare 3 and Parallels 5 on an quad core xeon and dual quad core (nehalem) MacPro there is little performance difference however Fusion has proved far more stable in our lab tests where we have multiple xp clients running along with a server 2008 vm for...
The handset needs to be unlocked to work with the tethering profile, otherwise the tethering option disappears entirely. Of course this is no biggie in the UK as its free to unlock the iPhone at anytime with O2.
Video calling is a huge feature how can Apple be so stupid not to include it. I stay in the UK and every single day I see everyone making video calls. Its not unusual to see people being run over by buses whilst making a video call and not looking where they are going. Now, I am obviously taking the piss. I made 1 video call on my Nokia N70 years ago and the experience was crap. Mobile video calling is pointless and purely a novelty. The only way video calling would...
As a mac owner for ten years I have had a few kernal panics but never ever had a sudden reboot. It would be interesting to see what type of Mac you have and what you are running when the system suddenly reboots.
Maybe its a Hackintosh? Wouldn't be the first time we have seen hackintoshes listed as genuine Macs. Heres a link to one of those new 3.5ghz core i7 iMacs http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/209237
There is a price difference between the netbooks shipping with windows rather than linux. People buy the cheaper model and have no idea what linux is, they just see that the specs on the netbook look the same but one is £100 cheaperBullshit. Openoffice is SOOO slow. It is terrible on the Mac and only marginally better than terrible on the PC. We have many clients who took the free route only to dump openoffice to go for Office 2007.fair enough.I buy cd's, so yeah I buy...
Of course in surveys the first upgrade most people do to their linux netbook is stick windows on it.Open office is free because it is terrible. Of course you have many who stand by open office but this is because they are poor pikies who cant afford a proper productivity suite.As with most things in life you get what you pay for.
Linux is fine as a base for virtualisation or firewall devices but as a day to day desktop OS its a bag of crap. Its fine for a hobby or one who likes to tinker with it but its no where near as productive as either Mac OS or Windows.
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