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NO WAY !! My sister in law has 3 kids all under 6. They have gone through 8 DS lites which all broke after they were dropped onto laminate flooring. The hinges snapped off on all of them. Fortunately I got her to take the insurance through Gamestation so she has not had to pay for replacements.
What did it cost you for your iPhone? It was also €36.90 for 900 mins€9,90 for 500 sms€9,90 for unlimited data (normally €14,90)There are also actual iPhone plans which costSmall - €31.69 100 mins, 100 sms, 10 MMSMedium - €51.49 250 mins, 250 sms, 25 MMSLarge - €89.99 1000 mins, 1000 sms, 100 MMSPlus €9.90 for unlimited data (normally 14,90)Plus the cost of the iPhone.
Yawn, troll much? Its a free extra to users of MobileMe. You pay your $99 (or less if you bought it on Amazon) for all of the MobileMe features (email, hosting, galleries etc etc).
I think this is a great idea. Currently I buy the occasional song from iTunes but I will buy CD's if I want the whole album. Apple's cocktail proposal adds some value to the album and an incentive to buy it from them rather than buying a CD.
Looks like that if you steal from Foxconn you really are for the high jump!
Maybe I missed the memo but when did appleinsider become palminsider?
Your kinda missing the point.Palm has hired (poached) a load of Apple iPod employees and rather than create their own sync software or even a plug-in they thought they would be a bunch of smug pricks and by using their insider knowledge of how the iPods work they enabled syncing with iTunes natively by making the Pre appear to itunes like an iPod. Plenty of other companies have had the decency to write their own sync programs and plug-ins. Why should it be any different...
Well 2 options here for Apple. 1. Sort out the conditions. 2. Price cut across their product range to reflect the discounts they are getting by paying these factories peanuts. I would go for option 2
Cool, the return of B-sides.
As noted by many iPhone users and those running 3.0b5 the wwdc 2009 quicktime stream did not work until they updated to 3.0GM. Last year this was the same with both the special event in september and the wwdc keynote before it all rtsp streams. I ended up waiting and downloading them through itunes.
New Posts  All Forums: