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If you can't beat em sue em. and no, this doesn't apply to psystar as they are a bunch of thieving pricks.
cool, get it on thepiratebay asap. Then see who is complaining.
My kids broke my 24" iMac last week, they snagged the power cord and it went flying off of my desk and smashed the screen. My insurance company picked up the iMac this week with the view to repair or replace it. Kinda hoping they replace it with the 27" one now, seeing as it is cheaper too. Also, beware, Apple didn't use safety glass so. If your iMac glass screen breaks it shatters and is razor sharp.
Nope, its all about 'breaking systems'. 99% of hacking is for malicious ends, malware, piracy, spam, phishing. Its all about making money by ripping someone elses property / IP apart. Otherwise they would be creators not destroyers!
Its ALL about piracy. Thats why the jailbreakers do it. Don't kid yourselves that this is about some god given right to do whatever you want with the hardware or some higher purpose these hackers may promote, its all about theft and the 'who has the biggest virtual cock' for these guys.
Wonder if they have had their letter from Apples lawyers to remove that ad considering they will not have had any permission to use any of apples logos or artwork.All of this crap with psystar could easily be sorted. Apple just need to raise the price of OS X to $5,000 per copy which is discounted for Apple hardware owners down to $29. You can order OS X online by completing the order form and filling out your hardware serial numbers and then after processing you are...
Did you install SL ove an existing Leopard install or wipe the system and install from fresh? We backed up and erased all of our systems before installing SL and we have had no issues whatsoever. On my own iMac 24" ALU 3.06Ghz I run the following daily without any crashes Office 2008 (mainly word and excel) Mail iChat Adium iCal Safari iPhoto iTunes (seems to take a bit longer to load up since v9) Rapidweaver CS3 (mainly photoshop and Dreamweaver) Parallels Desktop Rivet...
After evaluating CS4 we stuck with CS3 as we just could not justify the upgrade cost. Looks like we were right to as we have had ZERO issues with CS3 on SL.
The report notes as Jobs' best investment his purchase of Pixar from George Lucas in 1986 for $10 million. With Disney's acquisition of Pixar in 2006, Jobs became the largest individual Disney stockholder with a stake currently worth $3.9 billion.
Appleinsider make Steve Jobs 43rd position sound like a bad thing! Steve jobs has now attained his highest ever position on Forbes 400 list his previous highest being 49th position back in 2007. Last year he was only 61st position. Jobs' $5.1 billion net worth marks a significant turnaround from just six months ago, when Jobs checked in as the 178th wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of only $3.4 billion. Since that time, Disney's stock price...
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