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Quiet news day? Storm in a teacup? Apple has always held this stance regarding 3rd party interoperability. It doesn't single out any one device on the web page as there are many MP3 devices which work in some fashion with iTunes. I am sure there is also a page regarding using the iPod and iPhone with other devices which states they cannot guarantee that it will continue to work when they do device updates. Apparently this was targeted at Microsoft for the Xbox...
Thats the data speed over USB 2.0 The fastest USB flash drives only get to around 30MB/s with most doing anywhere between 8 and 24MB/s. An external HDD can get up to around 40MB/s on USB.
Its a joke... Vapourware As in The morro never comes (best said in a scottish accent)
Without any examples you are making yourself look like a foolish Microsoft fan girl.
Yep, its 'near' feature complete, not feature complete. The new Dock Expose features aren't in in for a start..One thing that you notice straight away is how quick it all runs. It truly is fast as fu...
Screw the moaning about the card.... It has a sub-woofer!?! So is the audio output any good on the Macbook Pros then? edit: checked and it has the same sub-woofer as the white Macbook. The output on the white macbook is pretty weak, any better on the Unibodies?
Yeah, looks like they are upgrading the current box set to include 10.6 instead of 10.5. Here is the link to the current one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Apple-Leopar...4584256&sr=8-8
Expect the stock to nosedive after the June/July iPhone sales figures come in based on the current prices and useless upgrade path for existing 3G owners in contract.
You can upgrade early by paying out the term of your contract. BUT Remember that after the first 9 month have passed you can reduce your contract by one level each month thereafter. So if your on the £35 deal drop it to £30 then you will only have to pay £150 to upgrade in July. (Plus the cost of the handset on whichever tariff you choose to signup to) Or, screw them, buy one on PAYG and dont refresh your contract. That way when the new phone comes out next year you can...
Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP support) works fine under 3.0GM. Just pair the device and your done.
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