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MMS support from AT&T coming in late summer. MMS is not supported on first-generation iPhone. Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas. See your carrier for details. Some applications are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change. Apple's disclaimer pretty much covers this issue.
Cool, I wonder which site will be first with an in-depth review?
yawn, more moaning by iPhone developers..... no, wait they haven't produced anything for the iPhone.
Having run ioreg -p IODeviceTree -w0 -l | grep firmware-abi I can confirm that the 2008 3.06ghz 800mhz 24" iMac 8,1 has EFI64
The rating is to advise parents. Likewise parents can choose to enable or block safari completely through parental controls. Safari is not on the application store. a few points: 1. Its Apples platform. 2. Apple are a high profile company and are open to multiple lawsuits for any reason whatsoever. 3. By controlling their platform the can minimise the margin for complaints and lawsuits from users. 4. In the USA the court system is flawed and as such anyone can...
You are obviously trying to be clever but failing miserably. The iPhone and iPod touch have built in parental controls which can be used to block access to safari etc.
I don't see any issues with the performance of the GPS unit in the iPhone 3GS. To test this I put my 3GS on google maps last night whilst driving home and had my route programmed in. I switched to my location with the compass active (to point the map the way I was facing and followed the blue dot on the map all the way home. No issues at all.
Oh well then. Wont be buying one of those considering you can get a TomTom for the same cost. Are TomTom stating that their base model is actually free then and all you are paying for when you buy that is the cradle to hold it and the software? You can get Tom Tom 7 UK & Ireland for £39.99 plus VAT at the moment (on DVD) and Bluetooth GPS receivers for as little as £12 plus VAT Just because people are used to paying a bit more for Apple kit doesn't mean that they are...
Apple should just buy up Palm. Buy them out lock stock. Take everything, all their patents the lot. Then shut Palm down after asset stripping it. With all the cash Apple has in the bank this would hardly even show on the bank balance and Apple would pocket the rights to some pretty good patents regarding handheld devices.
After careful consideration I have decided that not to dignify 'iPhone1982' with a response.
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