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Chase, not another music group rooftop concert meme!!!... (Sighs) / / /
 Because we like to 'Rag' on Microsoft.  We like it a lot! ///
 But by your remarks, wouldn't one who is a religious, pro-life, conservative member of the NRA, be just as offended that there are bigoted people like YOU who are intolerant of their morality and beliefs?  Tim is 'congratulated' for coming out of the closet.  Meanwhile, you wish to 'shame' others to hide into that closet for beliefs you oppose.  Ironic, huh? If Tim Cook had Apple parade in support of the NRA or a Pro-Life march, would the posts here still be showing Tim...
 I use Rite-Aid for prescriptions and a few medical supplies only.  Actually it's my fathers stuff I'm picking up.  Pay by cash or check.  Don't particularly shop for daily needs and only occasionally might purchase something other than meds.  Never had a receipt with a ton of suggestions or coupons and never been bothered by mailings and never gave my e-mail to places like that when they ask, as I get enough crap already.  So Rite Aid is pretty cool in not harassing me...
 Don't own an iPhone to bend.  Yet.  Haven't since it was introduced back in '07 when MS's Ballmer laughed at it, Palm CEO said computer guys weren't going to walk in and figure this out, when Google changed Android OS from a BlackBerry competitor designed OS for Google version of BlackBerry phone to Android copying Apple OS for Google version of iPhone.  And I don't settle for Samsung… go out and merge a toaster with your refrigerator, Samsung, if you want to discuss the...
 Not to mention the asinine temper and ability to be a big arse-hole at times!
Meet some frickin' iPhone 6 plus talent and crack that whip, authorize OT and get them things produced! Been waiting since Sept. 12th! : )
  No, she has been deceased for close to twenty years.
  Sorry, that the nature of a lot of jobs...  military, yucky politicians, police, fire, rescue, long shore men, fishermen, heck even waiter/waitresses, et.al.... Was your mom employed?  Mine was when she had me at 35.  Not sure of the length of maternity leave she had from work, but she managed to have a successful career and family without either her company or the government using "their" funds for the mere fact that she existed nor did my mother expected either her...
Just a nasty rumors that enables another Apple rumor of another Apple product having a low yield output and will be in short supply when product launched a la Apple Watch which increases curiosity and demand because Apple knows people don't want to miss out! Expect long lines at your local Apple store on launch day!
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