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 Don't know as Palin never 'saw Russia from her house', but Tina Fey from SNL sees EVERYTHING (except how to excel career after SNL!).  Russia from her house and maybe China from her front porch...
 Maybe Apple should announce it is thinking about hiring Sarah Palin as PR person.  But doing that would bring out the other side of AI psychopaths.
 Sir Jony Ive while working with Liquid Metal and Sapphire in his lab had an accident.  The good thing is that the result was Liquid Sapphire! (drum rim shot insert here)...
 I have never seen an envious iPhone user of a Samsung product.  Heck, even the personalities that Samsung hires or uses boast of their Samsung device then go tweeting on their iOS device. And if you think about it, the Samsung ad has their phone requiring a second battery.  What does that say for the power saving Samsung device if you forgot that second battery?///
Google's 'Android One' program, what's that? Is Google nixing the buy one get one free these phone makers use to get rid of their excess inventory?!?  You now only get one when you pay... / /
 The 'killer app' is a fake heart rate monitor that flat lines when you are trying to get a reading...
I hope this offer exists when the iPhone 6 is introduced and both rumored sizes are indeed actual products.  Having a week to try of the 5.5" iPhone will allow me to make a more informed decision if that size is manageable or too damn big!
 What Apple really needs to do is put down Solar Freakin' Roadways for its corporate driveways, sidewalks and parking lots!
Another graduate of the Bill Gates driving school I see... / / /
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