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I just hope Siri and Cortana don't hook up for a girls night out when I'm looking for some info!
Someone's missing e-mails!
Beyonce has a Apple Watch… Dear Apple, I know you can draw a smiley face on your watch and send it to another Apple Watch, but is there a way to send an electrical shock?!?  Hell, I'd buy Gold one just to send Beyonce a little surprise, "How do you do? Love, from all the Mitches"  Life would be so sweet to see all that flop about!
Reminds me of that line in the movie "Spaceballs", when they went to turn off the self-destruction switch and it was tagged as 'out of order' and the Mel Brooks President character said, "F*ck, even in the future nothing works!" Bottom line, technology snafus aren't impervious to giving one a massive headache, even if branded Apple.
Because Chevy Volt was such a success! I wonder the vehicle name of this possible misguided Apple rumored venture? "ThunderVolt" perhaps?!?
Dan Akerson… Wasn't he one of the "Ghostbusters"?!?
Is Apple making a version for the newly licensed youth driver? Code name... Wait for it... Teen Titan?!? Oh, that is so bad in the truest definition of the word that I think I'll give myself a thumbs down...
Again, a bunch of channels I'd be paying for that don't interest me. I have a feeling these "new" 'service' providers are failing to get this opportunity right and will just become a cheaper, reduced version of cable or satellite with THEM deciding the offerings of my package of entertainment for me! Jeez...
''Character limited', boy got that right!
No thanks! I've seen what government does with monies it already collects! I'll be on board the day government spends the people's money with care and frugality. I'm tired of career political elites of both parties looking at me, you and corporations as their personal ATM. Shouldn't we all?!? IF Apple spent THEIR stash of cash so carelessly on willy-nilly acquisitions, fruitless ideas, or whatever, don't think for a second that the Apple news and rumors community...
New Posts  All Forums: