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 Not to mention the asinine temper and ability to be a big arse-hole at times!
Meet some frickin' iPhone 6 plus talent and crack that whip, authorize OT and get them things produced! Been waiting since Sept. 12th! : )
  No, she has been deceased for close to twenty years.
  Sorry, that the nature of a lot of jobs...  military, yucky politicians, police, fire, rescue, long shore men, fishermen, heck even waiter/waitresses, et.al.... Was your mom employed?  Mine was when she had me at 35.  Not sure of the length of maternity leave she had from work, but she managed to have a successful career and family without either her company or the government using "their" funds for the mere fact that she existed nor did my mother expected either her...
Just a nasty rumors that enables another Apple rumor of another Apple product having a low yield output and will be in short supply when product launched a la Apple Watch which increases curiosity and demand because Apple knows people don't want to miss out! Expect long lines at your local Apple store on launch day!
That ad from PayPal suggests you get their app.  What?  The app found on Apple's iTunes app store?!  Seems you trust Apple security there PayPal!   Grooooan... Know what that is PayPal?  That's a 'selfie', but it's called a 'moanie' where one reacts after reading such tripe.
Gauging by replies I received and thank you for them, I may have stated my question poorly.  I will put it this way and still looking for anyone's help...   If 5.5" iPhone is limited in quantity initially, which route is the best way to go to have order fulfilled when next batch of phones arrive.  Would it be your local apple store, apple online, your cell phone carrier or something else?  Or is it anyone's guess what gets priority?  I'd hate to order via one method,...
Serious question%u2026 If quantities run out of 5.5", if limited availability, which is the best way to put in order for one: Online with Apple to place order, visit your local Apple Store to place order, Visit the cell carrier you are using to place order or something else? I seem to recall how some ordered new iMac, I think, from Apple when availability was limited and were still waiting when others who had placed order a different way were having order fulfilled...
So, Catcher got caught.
What would have been news worthy was to take that drone with the GoPro camera attached and dive box that white building, fly the drone into an door, fly around and investigate what was going on INSIDE. Now that would have been news!
New Posts  All Forums: