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I guess Samsung's "Next Big Thing" didn't turn out to be that "Big" after all.
Man, Scott Forstall just cannot get a break!... Samsung sacks mobile design chief.
 If she's not a proper fit and is "shown the door" as was John Browett, will she have to give the money back? ///
Quick! To the Sprintphone... 'Do-Do-Dooo' "We're sorry. The number you have reached is unavailable. Please try your call again later. Good-bye."
Better looking artist iP 6 concepts please....
 If I were him I'd act on the later!  Considering sentiment...
 YOU are probably one who would look at my handle and apply dispersions about it, but you would only show your ignorance because you do not know its meaning. And my footer wasn't made by me, but I read it elsewhere and I thought it was funny because it's true.  Yeah, it insinuates politics, but maybe if we had better governance the last decade, we'd have jobs, cash, and hope!  And news flash... it had "Steve Jobs" in it and you can't get more Apple then that! Finally, I...
  Nah, that only applies to cattle ranchers ruining it for a turtle.  Or something. When it comes to "Green", let's just hope this purchase is better for Apple then Solyndra was for the taxpayer!
Is that newspaper any more negative of Samsung's phone then Samsung paying stars to promote it on camera but use iPhones in real life? I don't see Samsung suing those stars for the commentary that provides of their product!
 While not entirely sold on the name such as CarPlay, and I can appreciate your point of view, it does seem a bit disingenuous when all the car company TV ads seem to have the following disclaimer: "Professional driver on a closed track" as they drive the most outrageous stunts and most of those car ads have the car going to the beach, campground, concert or some other place where play is more associated then work or responsibility.
New Posts  All Forums: