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We know what works.  When Jessie demanded the A&E network and the Cracker Barrel meet with him regarding Duck Dynasty's Robertson's race claims, A&E and Cracker Barrel ignored Jackson's demand in short order.    Having been adamantly rebuffed, Jessie slinks away, his relevance and lack thereof shown for all the world to follow.   Sorry Jessie, your usual lowbrow shakedown tactics failed, because you are now insignificant!   Apple, simply ignore this buffoon!
Looks like a lot of watch! If I were to wear a time piece no matter who made it, it better be such that I don't realize I have something on my wrist! I have found only one watch that is streamline enough for my tastes, and I don't even wear that... very often. Nice video of the Motorola watch. I wonder if the boys in Cupertino ever thought about the various department head VP of this, VP of that ever getting out and doing a video for an Apple product?
Motion Control, huh?%u2026 Please let the following be approved gestures for the stuff coming out of Hollywood into the AppleTV%u2026 If you like something, give it 'Thumbs-Up!' If what you are watching is pure crap, give it 'The Finger!'
 And I hear they take the month of August off... OFF!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORV9PNfl4K0
Finally something Samsung cannot emulate!
 That's Samsung being thoughtful on their part.  You know, when you try to unlock their phone using their new fingerprint sensor, over and over again and your blood starts boiling and your heart beats faster as you get more aggravated, the pulse tracker lets you know it's time to step away from the Samsung Galaxy S5 and go into some 'Zen' mode!  Especially valuable for people with heart conditions!//
'lather, rinse and repeat'...
It certainly has Apple's green and red call, cancel buttons beat! / /
Hey , Stella! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2Fm-gGgOKw / / /
"The exhibit is designed to celebrate people who made America "cool," which the National Potrait Gallery describes as carrying "a social charge of rebellious self-expression, charisma, edge and mystery.""... That's me!!! However, for some reason, I don't see my portrait?!? / / /
New Posts  All Forums: