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 I have yet to deal with the government that in the end I didn't walk away shaking my head 'no'! How about YOU provide evidence of a government program that actually works, doesn't have glitches, doesn't require ton of paperwork or invasive bureaucratic QnA's, no fraud or abuse and that people are actually happy to be on such a program? I'm TEA Party - you calling me a maroon?!
 For starters, being FORCED to buy a product or service from the government!  Wait until they do get 'single payer'.  What if Obama's top supporter was Bill Gates and quid pro quo Obama issued an Executive Order that FORCED everyone to buy a Microsoft computer or tablet or smart phone. And don't you mean 'trying to go into effect'...
Color me Gold, Samsung, if I don't bite!   Samsung, to quote a James Bond movie title... I give you the Goldfinger!     / /
Delta does like to higher the jet jocks from the military and those guys fly on the edge... Guess Delta wants to make them feel at home!   Gives a whole new meaning to "my computer crashed!" / /
Steve Ballmer: "I've got four words for you. I. Love. This. Company! - YEAH!" Heh, too bad the company "He's Just Not That Into You" - 2009 New Line Cinema movie and "We are never ever ever getting back together" - Taylor Swift
'One Billion Dollars'?  Who is this guy, Dr. Evil?
While a nice novelty, you will never see those signatures on 'Antiques Road Show' getting appraised for the big bucks!
As "The Big Bang Theory" Sheldon Cooper said while 'working' as a faux customer service rep in a computer store when being lead away, "By the way, a six year-old could hack your computer system. 1-2-3-4 is not a secure password!"
Hey Samsung it wasn't the color alone that excelled the record breaking Apple iPhone sales over the weekend. It was the fact that it was a 'gold' iPhone that did! If YOU cover crap with gold, it may be a nice color, but it's still covering crap.
Well if it's got room in it, add the phone components so one can make calls and have a true phablet and end the complaints for an iPhone with a larger than 4" screen.
New Posts  All Forums: