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Hey , Stella! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2Fm-gGgOKw / / /
"The exhibit is designed to celebrate people who made America "cool," which the National Potrait Gallery describes as carrying "a social charge of rebellious self-expression, charisma, edge and mystery.""... That's me!!! However, for some reason, I don't see my portrait?!? / / /
While note expecting to see it stamped all over the place in any of the images provided, not even one Apple logo...
This gives a whole new meaning to 'Hot Pocket'!
Let's hope these doors don't fall on someone. This would have probably killed the guy who had his pelvis broken when an 800 pound Apple glass door fall on him! http://macdailynews.com/2013/12/26/800-pound-apple-retail-store-door-falls-on-customer-breaking-his-pelvis-in-maryland/
Is Apple's joining the list of US companies pledging to end hiring discrimination against long-term unemployed the same as a politician saying "the buck stops with me" or "I'm responsible." or "Hold me accountable." Okay, what precisely does that mean? For Apple, how will a long term unemployed candidate know that if rejected for a position it was because a lack of experience in what Apple was looking for or whatever versus being unemployed for a while? For a politician...
 Or give it a large screen and see if that helps.  Would be interesting to see demand for large screen plastic phone or meticulously crafted metal and glass phone...//
I thought for sure that Apple would be sticking with it's A-7 processor for its next generation iPhone and just make some minor software tweaks to improve it capability, much like they did with the camera, but I guess this rumor dispelled that.
 I thought it was "he believes" that locked it down. Who knows, maybe it was a diary entry thus = fact.  Right Hoboken Mayor?//
 But 'rows and rows of apps' was the 'way to go' for Apple since day one.
New Posts  All Forums: