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Two Words: Gorilla Tape
If AT&T was not good enough, US Gov., why should Sprint be any better?
Google's lobbying money paying off! Fox%u2026 meet Henhouse key. Give 'benefit of the doubt'? I can't think of one technocrat bureaucrat of a government agency that has caused me to be as gracious. On the other hand, my bipartisan suspiciousness of everything government has hit the 'off the chart' levels, not seen since Hillary was squealing about some "vast right wing conspiracy" during Bill's constant infidelity!
Copper thief nabbed by coppers...
Last year it was a Microsoft Surface RT $900,000,000 product write off. I guess this year it will be a $900,000,000 Advertising write off. Really, MS?!
HP tablets, 'They're Magically Mischievous'!     "They're always after my lucky charms" / / /
Maybe if Samsung experts had included Apple's 'Pinch-to-Zoom', perhaps a lot more people would have bought?  / /
Obamacare brings in the best and the brightest from Google, Oracle, AMAZON to fix problems... I bet anything that Amazon was working a little overtime today!
"It's okay honey... You're beautiful... I'll delete the photos right in front of your eyes, promise!"   Watch out ladies...  / /
Captain Ramius: Re-verify our range to target... one ping only. Capt. Vasili Borodin: Captain, I - I - I just... Captain Ramius: Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please. Capt. Vasili Borodin: Aye, Captain. Vilnius, Lithuania, isn't that where the submarine Captain Ramius of the Hunt for Red October was raised?
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