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 A 'Hello Kitty vs Care Bears' iPhone!  Is this article hiding the veiled message that T-Mobile users are flat busted broke?...  Because I am!... //
Silver Ring... Hmm... One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them / / /
Cool looking store, but that's just me...
If true, this just means that now we can give Samsung the Finger!
  I'm the King of posting "Poor Taste" comments... and even I wouldn't have joked 'bout that...  Boo...  / /
  No...  What brightens?  A flashlight!  And didn't Craig Federighi highlight the flashlight option, several times, in the new iOS 7 redesign of the quick access to the pull up settings options pane!   Refresh your memory. / / /
Is this some kind of demented alternate reality of the "Twilight Zone" kind?   Imagine, if you will, a fat, bald headed man screaming all over a stage, working for a company that purchases another to bring back patents and hardware devices and a possible iCEO to fulfill said fat, bald headed mans transition to a devices and service company...   Similar to Apple, buying NExT for their OS and Steve Jobs and having that iCEO turnaround the company with breakthrough...
    Agreed... I know THAT is the music I hear when browsing Safari on my i-device! / / /
New Microsoft TV commercial announcing Surface Pro price reduction in comparison to iPad and the Siri-like voice says, "Oh my!  When generating sales, I don't have to do that!"...  / / /
.68 lb for iPad mini versus 1.44 lb for iPad (both wifi versions)... so close to a pound and 1400 tablets for 14 planes, or 100 tablets per plane and your looking at lugging around close to 75 lbs of dead weight when the iPad Mini can accomplish the same entertainment value as the full size iPad.  If you think gas for your car at $3.50 to $4.00/gal is bad, try pricing jet fuel for a few hops for the day!  Every little bit of less weight the plane has to carry, even 75...
New Posts  All Forums: