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In other news, The Rolling Stones slapped a lawsuit against Apple requesting an injunction for the trademark 'startup' as the group said it sounds too similar to their song, "Start Me Up"!
  We are talking about Jobs so shouldn't that be...  "One more thing..." when should ANYONE care what "critics" think?  / /
Will they ditch the 16 GB iPhone ($649.00) and make the 32 GB iPhone the starting model or make the 128 GB the $949.00 phone? You think as much as Apple touts its app store quantity of apps, they would update the storage capacity to contain those apps.
Norway is going the way of iOS 7... FLAT!  / /
Did the new TV commercial of Microsoft comparing iPad to Surface RT tout their price reduction, did the Siri-like voice say, "The iPad is a hot seller, I don't have to do that!"
Right, like after investing in Bento and Bento for iPad, users are going to look at FileMaker Pro... Sorry, my fingers are still burning from the last time! Moving on FM!
Ah! So the "C" in iPhone 5c stands for China Mobile! A phone JUST for you. That's why Cook recently when to China...
Like when Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory said to Raj who purchased an Apple iPod... "You'll be sorry you bought that when Microsoft comes out with theirs." Hey Ballmer, the people have chosen and they have four words for you... 'We Love The iPad!'
"Predicted"?! If HTC was able to predict its first-ever operating loss, you think HTC would have done something about it prior to incurring. Now 'experienced'... there's a word... "HTC has experienced its first-ever operating loss"... Works for me.
New Posts  All Forums: