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Kindle MAY have slightly better display, however, I'll take the iPad Air because it lacks a MAYDAY button... Mayday means your in deep kimchi! Are Kindle Fire HDX tablets that "highly" valued by Amazon?!
Does he engineer Apple's unibody that strengthens the metal?... This Tesla could have sure used it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pphr7WyNBWU
What has become of the Surface dancers prancing all over the place with their keyboard screen protectors "Click"%u2122 Will they be back for the Surface Pro 2? I was thoroughly "entertained" by their high flying dance routine, although I did not see much productivity going on with the MS tablet...
It's too bad we don't have tort reform that calls for the Plaintiff to pay the Defenses lawyer bills! Oh well, Apple could always sue them for their defense money back, I guess... lol
"A Schmidt-load" now THAT needs to be trademarked! That's just way too funny!
Gimmicky if you ask me. Doesn't Windows 7 do something similar? Meh...
Looks like an inverse White Wall Tire. But when finished, Tim Cook should hide 5 Golden Delicious tickets in Apple products and have those winners with the Golden Delicious Apple tickets tour of the newly built facility including future products and at the end of the tour, Tim retires and "gives" the Apple "Spaceship" campus to the winner!
Hmmm... Can't decide.  Can't decide...  
If there is any justice, MS complimented Apple's iPod with Zune, Apple's iTunes with MarketPlace, Apple's iPhone with first laughter, then faux burial, then Windows Mobile 8, Apple's iPad with Surface RT and Pro... NOW MS should compliment Ballmer with Apple's late CEO Steve Job's salary... One Dollar!
 It's not like he'll be passing by Tim Cook, Jony Ives, etc. if he is called to the stand just to be asked some questions.  It would just be Apple's legal representation and Samsung's and judge and jury.  All hype, no news here.
New Posts  All Forums: