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8GB RAM for a Tablet? Wonder if that's what's needed in order for the thing to run well?!
"What a world!  What a world!  What a world!" = Wicked Witch of the West / The Wizard of Oz / /
Coming Soon: Samsung Gold and color phones, I bet...
 Who gives a crap?  Microsoft for one!
Don't like Space Gray as name for color choice, let's call it Dark Matter!
 Don't take oour word on it... According to The Verge...  This is how you make a plastic phone, though: from the cohesive shell to the smooth and glossy back (which did pick up a fair number of fingerprints) the device feels far better than Samsung’s or LG’s plastic options.
Was it 'Let's take our children to the liqour store day'?
 A 'Hello Kitty vs Care Bears' iPhone!  Is this article hiding the veiled message that T-Mobile users are flat busted broke?...  Because I am!... //
Silver Ring... Hmm... One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them / / /
Cool looking store, but that's just me...
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