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They are doing the Apple thing by ensuring vigorous sales of the iPad version 2, now with a webcam!
In the meantime, I guess the right to a speedy trial must only apply to other types of court cases... And it's funny, that while we wait, if indeed one party is in the wrong, they get to continue their "illegality" under the noses and supervision of the courts!
"How can you eat your pudding?" 'If you don't sell single on iTunes!' "How can you eat your pudding?" See ya Pink Floyd.... "All in all your just a 'nother brick in the wall."
Competition aside, variety aside, choice aside, doesn't B&N have their own ereader "The Nook"? What stock are they putting in their eco system of Nook and B&N Bookstore versus Apple's iPad and iBookstore? Is the handwriting already on the wall for these folks even before Apple has sold their first iPad? One word: "WOW!"
The real question is concerning a 'virtuall competitor is, do I want my computer to tell me to "suck it up", "give me five more" or "you're such a wimp!"???
The truism is look at what government (by means of the US Patent Office) can do and totally screw up things to Almighty! Healthcare, a big mess already, is next!
But for that $60/month you get that reliable network! And don't forget the map... Must never forget the map...
So, MS Software Engineers can create a search engine suitable for possible use on an Apple product but MS Software Engineers can't create an OS as highlighted by Apple's "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" tv ads...
That may not be comfortable, but it is definitely a position one could never even begin to attempt with a laptop, comfortable or not. Unless I missed a posting, has anyone commented on the quick view of the iPad showing the New York Times web page and again with that mysterious empty square not being filled in lowewr left when all other images are... I guess FLASH strikes again...
No... This is a tribute to Apple's iPad... a tribute that might be found on SNL! In case you haven't seen already, enjoy... http://www.tuaw.com/2010/03/06/found...hello-to-epad/
New Posts  All Forums: