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How many employees working at MS and would that 10% include only US or Worldwide? Googled number of employees... According to official SEC documents, Microsoft employed 89,809 workers worldwide, as of May 31, 2008. So 10% is close to 9000 MS workers using iPhones... At least some smart people working for MS! Wonder what the percentage how many former MS employees are using iPhone? 100%
200,000, 600,000, 300,000, 700,000, but you're limited to two... You too businesses... Hardware delay rumors, software delays... For Pete sake's does anyone out there know what the heck is going on? "And the truth shall set you free!"
"academic community, where ideas are freely exchanged", what's he been smoking! Yeah, ideas freely exchanged as long as they are in concurrence! Try talking about politics or by extension, military necessity and see how long the freely exchange of ideas lasts!This is called the Ivy League "Hoighty Toighty" mentality!
They are doing the Apple thing by ensuring vigorous sales of the iPad version 2, now with a webcam!
In the meantime, I guess the right to a speedy trial must only apply to other types of court cases... And it's funny, that while we wait, if indeed one party is in the wrong, they get to continue their "illegality" under the noses and supervision of the courts!
"How can you eat your pudding?" 'If you don't sell single on iTunes!' "How can you eat your pudding?" See ya Pink Floyd.... "All in all your just a 'nother brick in the wall."
Competition aside, variety aside, choice aside, doesn't B&N have their own ereader "The Nook"? What stock are they putting in their eco system of Nook and B&N Bookstore versus Apple's iPad and iBookstore? Is the handwriting already on the wall for these folks even before Apple has sold their first iPad? One word: "WOW!"
The real question is concerning a 'virtuall competitor is, do I want my computer to tell me to "suck it up", "give me five more" or "you're such a wimp!"???
The truism is look at what government (by means of the US Patent Office) can do and totally screw up things to Almighty! Healthcare, a big mess already, is next!
But for that $60/month you get that reliable network! And don't forget the map... Must never forget the map...
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