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Not owning an iPhone and looking at the iPad with the 250MB data plan for $15.00... what all do you get accomplished when using 133MB per month?! In other words, are you able to get much done? thanks...
Obviously, when there is a good sound byte involved!
Interesting... Have you ever read the quotes from this idiot regarding our military or previous Commander in Chief?! This Senator certainly had "knee-jerk reactions against obviously GOOD causes. This cause looks good at first AND second glance, so I don’t get it."
Actually that is not too far fetch or too "rich"... I don't own any of the three previous iPhone models but I would be curious what Apple/Steve Jobs means regarding the next iPhone will be A+ upgrade to see if there is some different form factor or what Apple has in mind. Of course there is only so much one can do I guess when it comes to designing a phone that needs a touchscreen to operate the phone and associated apps that come with it or are purchased via the app...
Agreed! Those thinking iPad (original) will have a camera come launch in a couple of months will be disappointed. Gotta have something physical to add in iPad 2.0 aside from adding new buttons via a software OS update!
You my friend have just defined the adjective of being "Zuned"... To be 'Zuned' one has to "waste billions of dollars trying to compete and fail.... It is going to be another ipod situation all over again." I would also add, 'while screwing over their "Play for Sure" partners.
"I'm a Mac and the Apple iPad is my idea." - Murray68
That's the genius of it... Always leave them wanting more... That is why the word "Pro" was invented... MacBook MacBook Pro iPad iPad Pro...
That was Steve Jobs freudian slip referring to it as an iPod... Note to Apple: "Change your tablet name. Not that big of a deal. Me Sent from my iPad" Remember that? It's what Steve said to an app developer when told to dump Pod from his app name so instead of "iPodRip" it is now, based on the advice from Steve Jobs, called the "iRip"! Ain't Karma a bitch! http://www.geek.com/articles/apple/t...oper-20091120/
Yeah, not too thrilled with the name also...Should of called it "The KneePad"! Keep laptop moniker for MBP but for new genre "tablet" call it, The KneePad...
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