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I've created a "light harness" which would serve as a collector of light that would then be displayed onto the screen of an "LCD Display"... I'm Dr. Evil and I approve this frick'n technology...
"Did he screw up?"... When has he not?!
It's the California Way, baby and it's heading National come Sunday! So better get used to it unless TEA Party rallies put the fear of God or at least re-election in some of those wayward politicians on Saturday. Of course you could have the astroturf COFFEE Party, which attracts 50 and CNN was there to provide coverage counter the TEA Party and its tens of thousands of supporters and have continued the dismissive attitude shown to real average Americans fed up with...
Green Screens?! Really?? Dozens of photographers, designers, models, director, producer(s), computer graphic people, on top of story writers... man that is a lot of payroll going on for a story! I wonder what they will charge for subscription? To hell with Flash or not! I wonder what they will charge for their advertisers to help offset this "new media"? I wonder how much I will have to pay for the advertisers products when I go to my store so that the advertisers...
My Condolences to Mr. York's Family and Friends.
The real innovation would be able to reduce the exorbitant cost that AT&T applies for use of their SMS!
So does this mean that Bray will head up Google's China Division? I'd hate to think Google can be scared out of town by a "Closed System" Government! Afterall, "freedom's not just another word for anything, nor is it an optional ingredient." What's that? Google's leaving China?! Well apparently for Google... it appears that freedom IS an optional ingredient!
Already done... called "Christine" by Stephen King... You know where that guy buys that used iPad er 1950's classic red automobile that turns out to be "EVIL" and won't let the guy driver date girls and gets rid of the trolls er bullies... and has to go back to the junk er refurbished yard! The iPad will soon be loose... badmouthing trolls beware.... Muahahahahahaha
I could have gone all night without having read that and now have that scary image in my mind... Fortunately, Day Light Savings Time takes effect tonight so there will be one less hour of sleep for me to have a nightmare base upon that image! Steve, need to stay away from Silicon Valley types on your BoD's... Heck even AlGore's looking good - not... Who else is on the Board that can betray you Steve? Axe them, now!
Not that my reply is iPad specific but my 'el cheapo' cell phone battery of six years ago is still recharging fine. If todays battery technology is new and improved, I think I would have no worries about the iPad battery replacement program because outside of a faulty battery product to begin with, I doubt I would ever have the need for iPad battery replacement... before time is up and I purchase a new and improved iPad with newer battery technology six to eight years...
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