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That's a very big difference -250 grams up to 55 pounds! There should be a group of 1-20 pounds then 21-55 pounds and finally 55 pounds and up... A DJI carrying a GoPro is a lot different than an Octo carrying a Red...
Yes, every artist makes hundreds of $millions. Or maybe it's about .001% of artists.Streaming pays crap. It's not a sustainable model for music except those that get millions of streams daily.The ones getting hundreds of $millions are the tech companies that are screwing artists over.
And now Android phones are exploding!: http://www.ksl.com/?sid=37423516&nid=148&title=utah-woman-says-samsung-wont-pay-for-damages-from-exploding-cellphone&s_cid=queue-18
Or they were just holding their bags wrong. ;)
This Grammy voter doesn't listen through Spotify...
I think he means that the "cheat" is on when the performance is on -  the normal mode should have been the testing mode.So the "cheat" unlocks the power and MPG, but pollutes more.
I think my Porsche Cayenne Twin Turbo actually gets 13.5 MPG and not 14! Can I sue VW? ;)
 So you like how it looks?
Found one:That's the big deal... it looks cheap and ugly in real life.
Are there any pictures out there that aren't computer renders? Is it a shipping product, or just an announcement of what they want to ship?
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