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Did I not read that right? Apple is shutting down News because it doesn't want to censor.
It used to be they toured in support of an album, now it's tour to support the family since no one wants to pay to listen to music anymore. That's why concert tickets are so expensive now.
 These are the numbers I'm getting from Apple Music around the world per play:UK: $0.00235025Mexico: $0.00108085Japan: $0.00300264India: $0.00022262New Zealand: $0.00142013Sweden: $0.00173766Canada: $0.00137563Strangely enough, US plays haven't been reported yet...Itunes Match US is : $0.00241881 And other players paying (some of whom I haven't heard of):From Spotify: $0.00045500Medianet: $0.02001082Deezer: $0.00481875Slacker Radio: $0.00127400RDiO: $0.00073433Rhapsody:...
Did anyone else notice that this guy is basically an accountant? BS in Accounting and was in charge of Capital services (financing). Not an aeronautical engineer... no flying electric cars yet.
I don't know, I'm still trying to figure out what IDK means!
American Born Chinese.
 You might want to wait until the official announcement from Apple to make up your mind...
I can't fly on an airline that uses TOYS to fix it's planes! /s
 Bing, bing, bing! We have a winner!!Those Swiss (and Chinese, and Japanese) watch makers would love to see the figures on Apple Watch sales.
 Or pretty much any product with a lower case "i" at the start since the original iMac and iPod... That's what, 1998ish?
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