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EU companies don't make as much money as US companies because of hyper-high taxes. I lived in France for 10 years and know first hand that to hire someone means to pay their salary at least twice - one for the employee and one for taxes. So it's take from the rich and give to the less rich. Only most of these "social" measure to take from the rich (and in the case of taxes on hard drives/storage to make up for poor music sales, the not so rich) only end up filling...
I've had a few problems, but when it works it is much faster than putting in a pin and waiting for it to verify. I wish it was accepted everywhere, then no more hackers making me change my debit card three times a year (and all of the other online payments needing to be updated with the new card number). I'm happy with Apple Pay!
100% the TV manufacturers dicking with the settings.I hated the Hobbit in HFR, and I hate TV with HFR!
Have any of you actually owned a luxury watch like a Rolex? This is built at least as well as a Rolex. All this talk about it won't last as long... Rolex watches need upkeep. Very expensive upkeep. It's not like you buy one and it lasts forever. Someone in the market for this kind of watch already owns a Rolex anyways. It is an accessory to those with the dough.         /Watch for the lucrative market of buying the aluminum one and anodizing it gold for a big markup!
I like the Blackmagic cameras. But, they are not really pro level. Prosumer, sure. Best camera for the price though...
My CU just started offering Apple Pay, but it does not work with their Visa debit cards. It's like it gets stuck in a loop of asking for my pin... When I use the contact button in Passbook, my message comes back undeliverable. Time to go to the bank. :(
It's the day after Daylight Savings... it has to do with time pieces. No conspiracy to block other events. Although the timing is perfect to do just that.
That video makes me mad! I'm glad she was arrested. It's one thing to complain when you are "spied on" in your home/back yard... it's another to attack a guy because he was out playing with his heli.
They should have a category for 10lbs or less and 25mph or less with less restrictions. That would cover a huge swath of rigs. I rarely shoot with my Red Dragon on a heli/drone... don't get me started on insurance for such a flight! GoPro 4k is good enough for almost everything. Anything more, and there is usually the budget to pay for a real heli.
And a nice set of regulations will stop someone from using a drone in a bad way right?Or will bad people just ignore the regulations?
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