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I do. I need native RED file support.
I just like how the workers that have masks on for the smoke, break out their cigarettes...
Maybe hard drives? To be able to park the heads before hitting the floor?
Hot colors like black and white? Or did you mean ipods?
Apple products are just too hot to handle!
Hum... So, it's a regular sub $500 laptop with another screen instead of a keyboard for more than twice the price? Like a big Nintendo DS?
100,000? Really? Only 100,000!? I would have thought at least 3-400,000 just from anti-Apple folks.
I'll be there, kind of bummed that Kevin Smith and Philip Bloom won't be there, but hey, maybe Jobs will make an appearance...
Except that all those jobs created pay taxes too, so it's a wash.
I just got an iPad 2 yesterday. AND, I just got my looooooooooooooooooooooooong time PC user brother to buy a Macbook Air as well. Another one bites the dust! I'm going to blow him away with the remote desktop app on the iPad while were at lunch one day...
New Posts  All Forums: