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Uh, RIO?
Eh, didn't the netbook market drop pretty much BECAUSE of the iPad?
Wow. How to kill a good thing 101.
I really don't like the type of people that need to use phrases like "value proposition" over and over, even if they don't really know how and/or when to use it. Reeks of corporate BS.
Wow. Imagine all the grief they would have saved if they would have just kept selling it!
What's 5% of $1.5 trillion? Much better than 0% of $1.5 trillion.
You know how I know you aren't a pilot?
Actually selling my King 90B GPS to get into a new iPad/Jeppesen combo since I don't need the IFR of the 90b...
Gotta add in VAT and cost to do business in the UK...
AAPL up to over $404 in after hours trading!
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