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Probably used as the crash cam for the explosions close up.
Still, he survived almost 7 years after the diagnosis. RIP
Wow! Look! Record sales and almost 40% sequential growth!!! Better than the industry by far. But that's never enough for analysts huh? How did they find out 'internal goals'?
And then Oracle buys what's left of HP after that. Larry wants to fire a bunch of execs there.
Uh, RIO?
Eh, didn't the netbook market drop pretty much BECAUSE of the iPad?
Wow. How to kill a good thing 101.
I really don't like the type of people that need to use phrases like "value proposition" over and over, even if they don't really know how and/or when to use it. Reeks of corporate BS.
Wow. Imagine all the grief they would have saved if they would have just kept selling it!
What's 5% of $1.5 trillion? Much better than 0% of $1.5 trillion.
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