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So since this might have seemed like an under-the-table deal, where people might have maybe been paid a bit to push for iPads... let's just accept the blatant payola for Microsoft and Google products instead... screw the actual children that are there to learn.
I have used Apple products for years and am a great supporter of everything Apple (sorry, just had to include a troll-tastic beginning there), I use Facebook every day and get tons of work from contacts on there (I'm in the film business). And, it helps me stay up with family without actually talking to them ;)
I thought $10,000 was being thrown around for the gold one... GOLD!
Well, in my (more) years of working with Macs, EFI updates are a crap shoot at best.I do know what I am talking about as this story attests. Again. Just Google EFI update problem and you can see that this is not the first time this has happened.So take my word or his word.
NEVER do an EFI update! NEVER! I've had two macs get screwed over by EFI updates... never again.
Premiere CC can't save a copy that works on CS6. Once you make a project CC, you HAVE to use CC.
But they have only released one "big" version since going to CC... just like they always did with their .5 upgrades.
Saw my first pair of Google Glass in the wild at Sundance this year. How freaking dumb do you look wearing those things?!! A lot. /No clothes the emperor has.
Seems that there are already NLEs out there that do all of that. Maybe I need to go read the patent to see what exactly is patentable here...
I never do an EFI firmware update... anymore. Every time before when I had done one, the computer was screwed up afterwards. /just my experience
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